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Woburn Safari and Meeting Chase! 

Myself and Manchild got up nice and early this morning. We finally had a day off together for good Friday and we decided to take a trip down to Woburn safari park! We packed a nice picnic and headed off around 10am. Which is a great achievement when you have a small human running around butt naked and not wanting to get dressed. We arrived there and it was packed

We came well prepared with tea and coffee to go. I do not have much experience when it comes to consuming hot beverages from a thermos glass. I burnt my top lip three times! THREE! I’m not sure I even have an upper lip left anymore. At least it saves me from having to wax that area any time soon as not only did I burn my lip off completely I definitely singed the hairs off too! 

It took us well over 2 hours just to get through the drive through bit. Not that it mattered as we had nowhere else to be! 

Small Human helped Man Child drive and couldn’t give a crap about the animals. She was much more interested in a big blue bus that was driving around. Or a ‘Buff’ as she calls it! All that money spent just look at a bloody large vehicle! She did however see the very last animal on the drive through. A monkey. As we drove off she cried her eyes out and it was the saddest thing ever! 

We headed straight for the loos but there was a massive queue. I snatch Small Human from Man Child and sneakily went in the baby changing room so I could skip the line. Naughty! There are some great things you can get away with when you have a little person present and not having to hold a wee in for 20 minutes in a damn long line is one of them! 

Speaking of long lines we headed straight over to meet Chase from Paw Patrol. Hazel was super excited to see him…that was until it was her turn to have a picture taken and she got frightened and tried to run away! We did however get a photo and she even mustered up the courage to give him a high five! 

After that we went into the Mammoth Ark to play in the play area…sadly there were no mammoths in there. It’s not a great one for really little ones. She did however thoroughly enjoy the ball pit! We didn’t spend much time in there considering we had lots of animals to see and we hadn’t paid near £50 just to play on a climbing frame. 

We went round to see the tiny monkeys which Hazel loved but she was less than impressed when she realised she wasn’t actually allowed to chase them around! After a few tears and a big tantrum she thought it best just to play peek-a-boo with them instead. 

After seeing lots of animal and having tons of fun we headed back to the car. Just in time as it began to rain! 

Small human has a play date with her grandad tomorrow so we swung past my mums house to grab the travel cot where we ended up staying for a cuppa and a catch up! My younger sister came back home for the weekend and she’s finished uni completely now! I’m so proud of her! 

It was back home for dinner, bath and bedtime for Small Human. Along with a bit of a chocolate Easter egg of course! Myself and Man Child are sat playing games and scoffing our faces with chocolate too because what else are you meant to have on Easter weekend? He sat down on the sofa and said ‘My God I am cream shattered’…I’m pretty sure the saying is ‘cream crackered’ but you know… 

We have a lovely relaxing spa day tomorrow and a massage too! It’s been a LONG time since we’ve done anything together without Small Human. The last time we were alone was last November when we got engaged! So this outing is much needed and long over due! 

Holly 😘


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