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Wedding prep! 

It’s a hot and sticky night. Small Human is still awake and I can’t open her bedroom window because it opens from the bottom and it’s so low down I just imagine her climbing out of her cot and falling out of it! If I knew it was going to be this warm tonight I would have gotten her a fan! 

This morning I got up bright and early and took a trip to our local shop to get Small Human some milk. It was roasting! Not only that but she wanted to bring her baby and buggy along with her. After 2 minutes she got bored and I ended up carrying the damn thing the whole way their and back. 

What should have been a 5 minute walk took us almost an hour and she was far more interested in everything in sight to actually walk there at a decent speed. She did however run like a mad woman away from something on the ground screaming and crying. Turns out it was a snail… 

I went to work this afternoon still feeling completely broken from tuesdays fall. I’m attending a wedding this weekend and my plan was to wear some clear tights. I’m now wearing black ones to hide the damage and if it’s going to be as hot as it was today then I’m going to suffer. I’ll probably get fed up after a few drinks and whip them off. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it and letting loose! 

It’s wedding season and I created a beautiful pair of lashes for a client at work today whose attending her daughters wedding next week. 

Makes such a difference! My next client called to cancel as she was unwell which meant I could get my nails done to match my dress ready for saturdays big event! 

I arrived home to the most delicious chicken salad cooked by Man Child and Small Human was already in bed. Although it’s now 11pm and she’s still awake. 

I’ve slapped some hair dye on my head and that’s the last of the preparations for the weekend ahead! 

Holly 😘

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A small human fish. 

A 2 for 1 post anyone? Well mkaaaaaaaay! 


Slap your makeup on for no good reason because it’s Friday and why the hell not. Also I was still in my pjs but can you tell? Yes. Because I just told you. Small Human was having a long nap which means usual boredom ensued for me. After she finally crawled out of her pit we made some lunch. She only ate her crisps or ‘pissies’ as she calls them. (Need to nip that one in the bud). She had 2 whole packets of pissies and threw herself on the floor in a fit of rage when I told her she wasn’t allowed a 3rd pack. The only way I could cheer her up was by letting her be a ‘fishy’ on snapchat. 

I jumped in the car and headed off to pick my younger sister up from Uni as we had a very special date with Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. It was great and I laughed from beginning to end. It even had my not so secret crush in it. Yondu. Don’t ask me why but I find him weirdly sexy. If anyone knows of a blue man who controls an arrow through a fin on his head then let me know. 

I got back from the cinema pretty late and ended up going straight to bed! 


Up bright and early to head into work for a day filled with clients. 

I arrived home to see my father had popped in to show off his swanky new Porsche 911 Carrera. What a beauty! 

I went to the kitchen to grab a drink and had a fright when I saw a black cat staring straight at me. Taking a dump. In my garden. Yuck! 

We cooked up some grub, put Small Human to bed and talked weddings 👰🏻 super exciting stuff! 

Man Child has been practicing his best mans speech for the wedding of the year which is in oynly one weeks time! Can’t wait to get there and have a day of celebration for 2 lovely people! 

I’m off too snooze and I have a bike ride planned tomorrow on my new bike purchased for me by Man Child! 

Holly 😘

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Help with the cleaning. 

I forgot my blog yesterday. Or more like I was too tired to actually write it by the time I got round to it. Nothing much to report on yesterday other than I went to work to get a facial and have my eyelashes done and it was lovely! 

Today I got up with Small Human and pottered around the house cleaning. She even helped me by hoovering up (or trying too) and then cried when I took it off her… 

Of course you can’t hoover without baby in one hand! 

I headed off to work. Did some lovely clients and painted some nail art on my nails! 

I just got home and had sausages for dinner and now I’m off to relax! 

I realise my blog today has been pretty boring but some days you don’t do a lot and today was that day! 

Holly 😘

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Crazy baby, Chrome nails and work! 

Today was a day for cleaning! 

Small Human actually slept in until 8 today which makes a big change from the usual 6:15 wake up call. I woke up feeling refreshed and feeling the benefits to physio yesterday. Something I haven’t felt in a good few weeks. What a good opportunity to get the house in order. 

Man Child got home from work and we had a passing hello and goodbye as I left for the daily grind. 

The salon was so peaceful when I arrived which obviously meant it was lunch time! The calm before the storm! 

Clients and treatments ensued and I am OBSESSED with Magpie Beauty’s crome powders! 

They’re definitely going to be a big hit this summer that’s for sure. This one is the shade ‘Iris’ and on the top of my list of favourites. 

After work I took the drive home and popped to the shops to get some soya milk. I’m trying a dairy free diet to try and help with the migraines and so far I haven’t found it difficult at all! I may feel some benefits from this and I may not. Only time will tell! 

Small Human was in a crazy mood this evening after her bath. She had a burst of energy running around butt naked and screaming the place down. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a happy child. 

As you can see she’s worn herself out and taken a rather uncomfortable sleeping position. Man Child managed to move her back onto her pillow without waking her up! Score! 

It’s time for crappy TV and a relax. I’ve got some pampering booked in at work tomorrow with my girls and I cannot wait! 

Holly 😘

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All about the nails! 

Yesterday I wrote my blog and actually forgot to post it. That’s what you get for constructing one at 10 to midnight! So today will again be another 2 posts in 1! 

Yesterday morning myself and Small Human played for most of the morning before she went for a really long nap! This gave me the opportunity to not only do my makeup but also my hair. It makes a change from the usual bun head that I am sporting today. 

Man child got home from work and I headed into the salon. I don’t usually take bookings for a Friday but I had a couple of people I wanted to squeeze in before my holiday next week. I am in high demand these days! 

I actually had time in between to do my own nails. En Vouge gel extensions with Shellac colour, flower water decals and Magpie Beauty chrome powder. One of my clients in the week had this colour and I knew straight after I had her that it would be what I would have next. 

I got home fairly late as I usually do on a Friday and Man Child had dinner waiting for me. We caught up with 13 reasons why and only had one episode left which we watched today. It is a programme that pulls at my heart strings and one with a very powerful meaning. 

Onto today. 

Small Human and Man Child were fast asleep when I got up to get ready for work. But this was short lived when she woke up just as I sat down to put my slap on. At least I managed a shower in peace. She sits on my lap usually whilst I’m applying my makeup and she even knows how to use a beauty blender 😂 what have I started! 

I got into work nice and early to prepare for the day and as both my therapists were off it was very quiet in the salon. Don’t get me wrong I was fully booked but I felt that it lacked the usual atmosphere and craziness of a Saturday. 

Nail art is becoming increasing popular again now the weather is getting warmer. Above is Shellac polish with Magpie Beauty chrome powder and butterfly water decals. I could honestly sit and paint nails for hours! 

Homeward bound around 4 for the usual afternoon of mucking around with Small Human, cooking dinner and bathing her for bed. 

She did get sent to the naughty step twice this evening. Once for trying to carry the kitchen bin around. When I told her it needed to stay in the kitchen she screamed and pushed it over. The second time was from throwing her food on the floor at dinner time which she knows she isn’t allowed to do. I took her for a bath which was again a disaster. The second I put her in she screams the house down and I can see and feel the fear in her. It’s devastating! Drama over and she is fast asleep cuddling Gwenguin. 

We just watched the last episode of 13 reasons why and I have to admit it was a difficult one to watch. It did make me cry…a lot! But it’s a brilliant programme and I urge anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to give it a chance! 

We’re sat playing The Binding of Issac and it’s only 2 more sleeps till our holiday!! 

Holly 😘

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Slacking off, body issues and work! 

Evening all! 👌🏼

I didn’t write my blog post yesterday as I was extremely busy so this post is going to be a 2 in one. It’s also going to be a long one! 

So yesterday I got up nice and early as per usual with Small Human. We headed off to my mums around half 10 for a cuppa and ended up heading to the city for a bit of shopping. Small Human got 3 new pairs of shoes and a new swimming costume for our holiday on Monday and I headed into next to try on some dresses for a super important wedding I’m attending at the end of May. 

I was in the changing room whilst my mother and Small Human were outside. I was trying on dresses until I lost my shit and burst out crying. How embarrassing. It’s hard to explain how I feel without it coming across as just being vain. None of the 15+ dresses I tried on looked right. My body has changed so much since I had my baby and it’s something I struggle with on a daily basis. I know I’m not the biggest girl out there by any means but I’m certainly not where I want to be. I feel like over the past 18 months I have completely lost confidence in who I am and the way I look. I don’t want to be one of the models on the TV who is stick thin. But I want to be comfortable in who I am. Somewhere along the line I’ve lost that. I take comments on my appearance so personally even when said as a joke because I know deep down the insecurities that I have. It’s not an easy thing to talk about and it’s not just as simple as looking in the mirror and appreciating what i have. It goes beyond that. I’ve lost myself somewhere along the way and I’m trying to figure out who this ‘new me’ really is. I find comfort in make up to help me apply a mask over my self doubt but even that’s becoming something I often question. This isn’t about trying to impress other people but more how to make myself feel better and more comfortable in my own skin. I’m aware I need to give myself time to adjust to my new lifestyle and my changing body but sometimes it’s hard to digest. I began writing these blog posts in order to show my friends and family what I’m up to in my daily life but it’s become a place I feel I can put my thoughts and feelings. Not everyone can appreciate my posts. Some people think it’s stupid and some people just like my content. I’m not doing this to be famous. I’m not doing this to impress people. I’m doing this for those who genuinely care about my life and my family. As you will have seen in all my previous posts I come across as a happy and confident person. Which I generally am. However this issue I have with myself is one that stems from a bad place I was in a long time ago. That’s not something I feel I need to go into detail about but I have been made to feel worthless and useless both mentally and physically. Those closest to me will know what this situation is about. Perhaps I carry this emotion around with me and that’s the root cause of all of this partial body dismorphia I’m facing l. It’s beyond being a girl who says ‘oh I’m so fat’ when they’re clearly too thin or someone who has a hang up about a part of their body. It’s a poison inside of me I can’t seem to shake. It’s finding fault in every aspect of myself and not just my appearance. I like to think that one day I will be truly happy with who I am but right now I can’t see past the way I look and feel in this moment. 

Anyway moving on from all the emotional shit I finally found a dress I like but don’t love. I’ll be making another date with my mum to go try some more things on and hopefully that time round I won’t have a mental breakdown. 

We headed back to mums to put Small Human for a nap and sit and chat about life. After she woke up I went on home to find Man Child had cleaned the whole house and it looked BEAUTIFUL! I certainly am a lucky one and I’ve found a true gem! ❤️

My sisters came over for a movie night and dinner. We consumed our Spag Bol and all sat down to watch a movie…that didn’t work. We spent half an hour trying to decide on another film and it was getting later and later. We opted to watch the new ‘task master’ and it did not disappoint! I laughed from the beginning to the end. 

My twin left to get an early night before she had work in the morning and my younger sister stayed for a sleep over. We caught up with some Grey’s anatomy which seems to have improved from previous seasons. Before we knew it it was 1am! Time for bed and good job too because Small Human woke up at quarter to bloody 7! Jess slept on the sofa and when Man Child got up she came and got in bed with me. I didn’t even realise this exchange had happened because I almost leant over to give her a spoon and a kiss when I woke up! That was a close call. 

I got up with Small Human and let Jess sleep for a bit longer. We played for a bit and sorted out the living room before heading upstairs to wake up Auntie Jessica. I got ready for work and jumped in my car off to physio. Jess kindly looked after Small Human so I could go and be poked with tiny needles. Physio was good along with the acupuncture and I feel like I’m getting back into a better place with the neck pain and headaches. It will be a test next week whilst I’m away to see if I can manage a week without it. 

I got back home, cooked up some bacon sandwiches, took jess back to uni and waited for Man Child to arrive home from work! 

It was my time to head into work and already after a busy morning I felt completely burnt out! Thankfully we had an Environ Event on today where the rep comes along with a skin scanner and gives you a ton of information on your skin. I had a skin scanner myself and it’s amazing to see the improvement I’ve had since starting the ANP. I’ll 100% be sticking with it and recommending it to all my clients! I didn’t book as many treatments in today and I’m usually fully booked but I had a meeting with the Mii cosmetics rep and did a few treatments this evening. That meant I could be on hand for product advice for my Environ clients. It was a great success! 

My favourite part of today were these gorgeous shellac and chrome nails in ‘Iris’ by Magpie beauty. 

Chrome is massively in at the moment and we have such a range of colours! 

I got caught up at work by almost an extra hour so I was pleased to get home and get some food in me! Man Child and I have just watched another episode of ’13 reasons why’ and it was the best episode yet. Only 4 more to go until the end! 

Now here I am hot chocolate in hand and a broken nail. Writing my super long blog. 

I’m off to kip. Sorry for the long ass post 😘