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Wedding prep! 

It’s a hot and sticky night. Small Human is still awake and I can’t open her bedroom window because it opens from the bottom and it’s so low down I just imagine her climbing out of her cot and falling out of it! If I knew it was going to be this warm tonight I would have gotten her a fan! 

This morning I got up bright and early and took a trip to our local shop to get Small Human some milk. It was roasting! Not only that but she wanted to bring her baby and buggy along with her. After 2 minutes she got bored and I ended up carrying the damn thing the whole way their and back. 

What should have been a 5 minute walk took us almost an hour and she was far more interested in everything in sight to actually walk there at a decent speed. She did however run like a mad woman away from something on the ground screaming and crying. Turns out it was a snail… 

I went to work this afternoon still feeling completely broken from tuesdays fall. I’m attending a wedding this weekend and my plan was to wear some clear tights. I’m now wearing black ones to hide the damage and if it’s going to be as hot as it was today then I’m going to suffer. I’ll probably get fed up after a few drinks and whip them off. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it and letting loose! 

It’s wedding season and I created a beautiful pair of lashes for a client at work today whose attending her daughters wedding next week. 

Makes such a difference! My next client called to cancel as she was unwell which meant I could get my nails done to match my dress ready for saturdays big event! 

I arrived home to the most delicious chicken salad cooked by Man Child and Small Human was already in bed. Although it’s now 11pm and she’s still awake. 

I’ve slapped some hair dye on my head and that’s the last of the preparations for the weekend ahead! 

Holly 😘

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Slacking off, body issues and work! 

Evening all! 👌🏼

I didn’t write my blog post yesterday as I was extremely busy so this post is going to be a 2 in one. It’s also going to be a long one! 

So yesterday I got up nice and early as per usual with Small Human. We headed off to my mums around half 10 for a cuppa and ended up heading to the city for a bit of shopping. Small Human got 3 new pairs of shoes and a new swimming costume for our holiday on Monday and I headed into next to try on some dresses for a super important wedding I’m attending at the end of May. 

I was in the changing room whilst my mother and Small Human were outside. I was trying on dresses until I lost my shit and burst out crying. How embarrassing. It’s hard to explain how I feel without it coming across as just being vain. None of the 15+ dresses I tried on looked right. My body has changed so much since I had my baby and it’s something I struggle with on a daily basis. I know I’m not the biggest girl out there by any means but I’m certainly not where I want to be. I feel like over the past 18 months I have completely lost confidence in who I am and the way I look. I don’t want to be one of the models on the TV who is stick thin. But I want to be comfortable in who I am. Somewhere along the line I’ve lost that. I take comments on my appearance so personally even when said as a joke because I know deep down the insecurities that I have. It’s not an easy thing to talk about and it’s not just as simple as looking in the mirror and appreciating what i have. It goes beyond that. I’ve lost myself somewhere along the way and I’m trying to figure out who this ‘new me’ really is. I find comfort in make up to help me apply a mask over my self doubt but even that’s becoming something I often question. This isn’t about trying to impress other people but more how to make myself feel better and more comfortable in my own skin. I’m aware I need to give myself time to adjust to my new lifestyle and my changing body but sometimes it’s hard to digest. I began writing these blog posts in order to show my friends and family what I’m up to in my daily life but it’s become a place I feel I can put my thoughts and feelings. Not everyone can appreciate my posts. Some people think it’s stupid and some people just like my content. I’m not doing this to be famous. I’m not doing this to impress people. I’m doing this for those who genuinely care about my life and my family. As you will have seen in all my previous posts I come across as a happy and confident person. Which I generally am. However this issue I have with myself is one that stems from a bad place I was in a long time ago. That’s not something I feel I need to go into detail about but I have been made to feel worthless and useless both mentally and physically. Those closest to me will know what this situation is about. Perhaps I carry this emotion around with me and that’s the root cause of all of this partial body dismorphia I’m facing l. It’s beyond being a girl who says ‘oh I’m so fat’ when they’re clearly too thin or someone who has a hang up about a part of their body. It’s a poison inside of me I can’t seem to shake. It’s finding fault in every aspect of myself and not just my appearance. I like to think that one day I will be truly happy with who I am but right now I can’t see past the way I look and feel in this moment. 

Anyway moving on from all the emotional shit I finally found a dress I like but don’t love. I’ll be making another date with my mum to go try some more things on and hopefully that time round I won’t have a mental breakdown. 

We headed back to mums to put Small Human for a nap and sit and chat about life. After she woke up I went on home to find Man Child had cleaned the whole house and it looked BEAUTIFUL! I certainly am a lucky one and I’ve found a true gem! ❤️

My sisters came over for a movie night and dinner. We consumed our Spag Bol and all sat down to watch a movie…that didn’t work. We spent half an hour trying to decide on another film and it was getting later and later. We opted to watch the new ‘task master’ and it did not disappoint! I laughed from the beginning to the end. 

My twin left to get an early night before she had work in the morning and my younger sister stayed for a sleep over. We caught up with some Grey’s anatomy which seems to have improved from previous seasons. Before we knew it it was 1am! Time for bed and good job too because Small Human woke up at quarter to bloody 7! Jess slept on the sofa and when Man Child got up she came and got in bed with me. I didn’t even realise this exchange had happened because I almost leant over to give her a spoon and a kiss when I woke up! That was a close call. 

I got up with Small Human and let Jess sleep for a bit longer. We played for a bit and sorted out the living room before heading upstairs to wake up Auntie Jessica. I got ready for work and jumped in my car off to physio. Jess kindly looked after Small Human so I could go and be poked with tiny needles. Physio was good along with the acupuncture and I feel like I’m getting back into a better place with the neck pain and headaches. It will be a test next week whilst I’m away to see if I can manage a week without it. 

I got back home, cooked up some bacon sandwiches, took jess back to uni and waited for Man Child to arrive home from work! 

It was my time to head into work and already after a busy morning I felt completely burnt out! Thankfully we had an Environ Event on today where the rep comes along with a skin scanner and gives you a ton of information on your skin. I had a skin scanner myself and it’s amazing to see the improvement I’ve had since starting the ANP. I’ll 100% be sticking with it and recommending it to all my clients! I didn’t book as many treatments in today and I’m usually fully booked but I had a meeting with the Mii cosmetics rep and did a few treatments this evening. That meant I could be on hand for product advice for my Environ clients. It was a great success! 

My favourite part of today were these gorgeous shellac and chrome nails in ‘Iris’ by Magpie beauty. 

Chrome is massively in at the moment and we have such a range of colours! 

I got caught up at work by almost an extra hour so I was pleased to get home and get some food in me! Man Child and I have just watched another episode of ’13 reasons why’ and it was the best episode yet. Only 4 more to go until the end! 

Now here I am hot chocolate in hand and a broken nail. Writing my super long blog. 

I’m off to kip. Sorry for the long ass post 😘


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Makeup,tantrums and hot chocolate

Evening all! 

Somehow my make up this morning ended up slightly more gothic than I had intended. 

However I am not mad at this at all. Although I tend to wear a lot of make up daily and I’m a full coverage kind of girl I’ve been in the habit of wearing fairly neutral tones. Today I changed it up a bit and went for dark lips and dark eyes. I managed to create this look whilst Small Human had an early nap. In the first 20 minutes of being awake she had already thrown multiple tantrums for many stupid reasons. Firstly because I changed her nappy. Then because I brushed her hair. Then she got angry that I wouldn’t let her run around with a pen. This was followed by a full on screaming fit because I wouldn’t let her play with a cereal box that had bees on it.

 The list goes on. It was a tiresome morning that’s for sure and I was glad to get a bit of me time to put my slap on and get prepped for work. 

Once she woke up lunch was consumed and it was time for us to jump in the car to go to work. I took Small Human with me and met Man Child there. That way I could get into work slightly earlier to get ready for the busy day ahead! I had all lovely clients again today and did a mixture of treatments along with beginning to sort out our bomb site that we call a kitchen. 
I arrived home to dinner in the oven and Small Human playing in the living room. It’s a good job it was that was around and not the dinner on the living room floor and Small Human in the oven. That would have been an interesting turn of events. Before I knew it she was off to bed! I honestly don’t know where the time goes! 

Myself and Man Child sat down to watch some TV with a cup of white hot chocolate. We’ve run out of sugar and teabags so no tea for us.


‘Better call Saul’ and ’13 reasons why’ were on the agenda for this evenings entertainment and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Better call Saul was a slow episode compared to the previous 2, however it does feel like it’s setting the scene for the rest of the season. 13 reasons why is still just as gripping and we are now on episode 9. I’m so impatient when it comes to programmes that release the entire season together. I just want to binge watch the whole lot! 

Man Child has gone to bed and guess what I’m doing? Yep! Watching some shit TV! 

Night 😘


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Indoor play day! 

Today has been a lazy day. After Small Human puked her guts up last night I didn’t feel to great myself when I woke up. I thought it was probably best we stayed at home and let our stomachs rest! 

We did make it out in the garden for a play but that’s about as far as we could manage. 

Small Human spent most the time putting tiny rocks in her pocket and being fascinated by a twig… she’s a special one that’s for sure. 

She napped for well over 3 hours earlier so I sat in front of the TV and did not move. We both seemed to feel a bit better this afternoon. I’ve got my fingers crossed that today was the end of it and there will be no more sickness! 

Man Child is out this evening and I am getting cosy of the sofa with a sudoku book and a cuppa! 

That’s all from me on this fairly bland day! 

– Holly 😘

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Work time and 2 funny toddlers! 👶🏼👶🏼

Yesterday I completely forgot to say my mum got me a scratch card and a bottle of bubble bath for Easter. I won 20 quid! My poor sisters didn’t win anything! Gutted!
I literally LOVE Treaclemoon bath products. They smell so good. This is the first time I’ve had the marshmallow one and it smells like a little drop of heaven! These go a long way and you only need a tiny drop for mountains of bubbles! 
Seeing as I had a lie in yesterday I treated Man Child to one this morning. I managed to bathe, get dressed, dress Small Human. Clean the house and have breakfast all before he woke up! I am superwoman! Okay, okay so there wasn’t that much to do but seeing as I was up nice and early it was a productive way to start the day. 

Small Humans outfit was an Easter gift from my Nan and it is beautiful! A beautiful dress to suit a beautiful girl. 
I attempted to put her for a nap before we all left for work as she was going over to spend some time with her uncle and cousin this afternoon. But I failed. She did not want to sleep. She just wanted to throw poor Gwenguin out of her cot and scream at the top of her lungs until we gave in and got her up. 
I went to work nice and early and left Man Child to deal with our stroppy daughter and post her off to her cousins. It gave me time to get stuff sorted after a long weekend off and prepare for a busy afternoon of clients. I ordered a ‘Nail Trainer’ for the salon so we can practice our gel extensions and nail art. I’m not sure we will have much time to use it as we are all very busy at the moment but it’s great to use when you have half an hour spare. 

It’s pretty damn creepy. It looks like something out of a sci-if horror movie! 

My brother in law to be sent me updated photos of Small Human and her cousin B playing together and taking a car ride to Woburn deer deer park. Although they were apparently both fast asleep by the time they got there! I headed off from work to collect her and as soon as I walked in the door she threw herself on the floor in a rage. B copied her and fake cried also flinging himself onto the floor. Small human thought this was hilarious and climbed on his back and he proceeded to crawl around like he was a horse and she was a cowgirl. They were both giggling their heads off. That was until they both led on the floor and banged their heads together resulting in many tears. I thought it was best we headed on home. 
Shes all snuggled up and fast asleep which meant myself and Man Child could catch up on this weeks ‘Better call Saul’. I have had high hopes for this series due to it being a spin off of ‘Breaking bad’ but the first 2 seasons we a struggle to get through. That can’t be said for season 3 as it’s really picked up and I feel like I’m hanging on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next thing to happen! We’ve seen the arrival of a previous character and things are definitely getting more interesting! 
Man Child has headed upstairs to play on his NerdStation and I’m having some me time with some shitty tv and an Easter egg! 
Catch you tomorrow 
-Holly 😘

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Happy Easter 🐣 

Today is a day for chocolate. I’m 99.9% sure there’s another meaning to Easter but for me it’s about roast dinner and copious amounts of white chocolate. It’s the kind of day where you can eat and eat and literally feel your waistline physically growing. My trousers were too big this morning and now they fit just right.  

My egg was the bomb! I say ‘was’ because I’ve devoured a fair amount of it already. 

I got up this morning with Small Human and we had a fairly relaxed time which was so needed. We stayed in our Pjs, ate chocolate and watched 10 zillion episodes of paw patrol. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday! We were about to leave for my mums when I couldn’t find my keys. I was ready to go with my shoes on and Small Humans bag pack half hanging off my shoulders. I tore the house apart looking for them and in my head I was saying “where the FUCK are my FUCKING keys” but what came out of my mouth was ‘don’t worry darling we will leave in a minute once mummy has found her keys’ I try very hard not to use profanity infront of children although the word ‘fuck’ did accidentally slip out infront of my 7 year old niece at the dinner table earlier. Thankfully she didn’t hear but I did feel bad! Anyway I searched for 20 minutes before calling Man Child to ask him if he’d seen them. “Are they in the backpack?” he said. OF COURSE THEY BLOODY WERE. The only place I didn’t look was on my person and there they were in the front pocket. If keys had hands I’m sure there would have been a big middle finger pointing up at me when I found them. Off we went around half 1 to pick my younger sister up from my mums. We popped in for a quick cuppa and headed on over to my dads. When we got there he was in bed feeling poorly. He did manage to make it down to see us all and watch us eat our dinner but didn’t have any himself 😞 

My Nan embarrassingly whispered to me earlier “are you pregnant?” to which I replied “MY GOD NO”. We all burst out laughing. There is a reason she asked me this. Not just because of my ‘mum tum’ but because yesterday she showed me a video and it made me all emotional. I said ‘god i don’t know what’s wrong with me. Perhaps I’m pregnant’…this was a joke. I am 100% not pregnant and it will be a damn long time before I am again. I love my Small Human to bits but the thought of carrying around another massive lump. A c-section and 6-12 months of sleepless nights isn’t in my immediate future! I have days where I think to myself “honestly people who have more than one baby should probably take a trip down to the loony bin and get themselves checked out.” Don’t get me started on the poo. My god I never want to witness baby poo again! I’ll leave that one down to Man Child… I also can’t cope with people asking about my child’s bowel movements. I mean total strangers will ask you “how’s your baby sleeping?” “any teeth yet?” “how about their poo. Is it normal?” IS IT NORMAL! Is it fuck. If we pooped like that as fully grown adults we would have some serious problems on our hands. Why is it even socially acceptable to talk to another human being about what exits your child? I just don’t understand. 

We had some good chats at the dinner table and it was nice to have my family around for the afternoon! Not long after eating we decided to head on home as Small Human was being a rat bag. She kept squealing as loud as she could. It’s the type of noise that sends shivers down your spine and makes you want to rip your head off your shoulders. I think she’s had way too much chocolate today and ended up with a sugar crash. I decided not to go straight home with her and Man Child but instead took my sister to the salon to do her nails. 

I’m getting better at this Gel Extensions business. A few more goes and I’ll be ready to unleash them to my clients. I’ve got a couple of kinks to work out but so far so good. We had a right laugh while we were doing these and we put the world to right. I can’t even remember what we were talking about…but it was fun! 

Getting late and I’m back home now for another movie night with Man Child. 

It’s been a brilliant weekend and I have one more day off tomorrow before it’s back to normality! I do apologise for all the swearing. It is in my nature to curse a lot and if you don’t like then I apologise from the bottom of my fart. I mean heart. 

Holly 😘

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Spa day and an electrical fail. 

My god do I feel relaxed today! The only possible way I could feel more chilled out was if I was asleep. Or dead… but let’s not wish that upon myself just yet. I’ve still got plenty of living to do! 

Myself and Man Child got up this morning. Packed up Hazel and shipped her off to my dads for the day! The great thing about grandparents is you can literally dump them when you feel like it and be on your way. They even enjoy the company of small humans. Believe it or not! 

She seemed fairly content with her bag of crisps and a cuddle on grandads lap. It was a nice suprise to see my Nan was down from wales for the Easter weekend. Her and Hazel were even wearing matching tops! 

It’s so nice to see her! As she lives so far away it’s difficult to see each other on a regular basis but when we do we have plenty of laughs! 

Small human was all cuddled up on the sofa and we made the great escape out the door and off to Bannatynes spa for a day of relaxation! How we managed that with no tears or tantrums I’ll never know! 

We made good use of the pool, sauna and steam room and even treated ourselves to a lovely massage. Which would have been much better had my therapist not spoke the whole way through the treatment. She tucked a towel into my swimming costume and I’m pretty sure she pulled it down so far half my arse crack was hanging out! She’ll need a bit of therapy and probably a lie down after witnessing that!

Despite the massage not being completely relaxing it was nice enough and we resumed our day by mucking around with floats in the pool. A quick dip in the hottub and a bit of a sweat in the sauna we decided to call it a day and head off to collect Small Human! She had a great time at her grandads. Apparently she spent some time trying to put her Dr. Martins on the dog! We all left for home to put her to bed. 

Myself and Man Child feeling super lazy after our chilled out day decided to make bacon sandwiches for dinner and cosy up on the sofa for a movie. We have a ‘bacon sunday’ tradition in our household but Man Child has missed out on this the past few weeks due to overtime. So to save a bit of heartache tomorrow morning we decided to cook them up early. That and I couldn’t muster up the energy to actually cook anything half decent. 

Ready to watch a movie. That was until we realised when we turned one of our lights off in the living room it stayed on! I began to freak out wondering how long it would be before it burst and set fire to the house destroying everything in sight. All was resolved when I contacted a guy I knew who is an electrician to ask him what was wrong. Turns out the lights are completely fine and it was just the bulb on its way out. How embarassing. It was like one of those moments when you can’t figure out why something won’t turn on and it’s because it isn’t even plugged in. That’s women for you. Immediately jumping to the wrong conclusion before using your brain to figure out the most simple resolution. 

We finally watched our film and we are off to bed! 

Holly 😘