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Don’t cry over spilt milk. Cry over something else. 

This morning I got up and headed straight out to physio. I’ve been feeling much better the past week and my appointment today did not dissapoint! I love acupuncture but I can’t stand having it in my hands. It’s such a horrible feeling. But it working and that’s what counts. I popped to muffins to grab Myself and Man Child a baguette and headed on home. When I arrived Small Human was in the best mood. Just being super adorable. Some days I could just eat her face…but that would be cannibalism. 

All was going well until I decided to put her down for a nap and dropped a whole bottle of milk on the floor. 

Nap time was rescheduled until after I had cleaned up the mess and washed out soggy feet. She thought it was hilarious. I managed to avoid any spilling on her but then she shouted ‘puddle’ and proceeded to stomp her feet in it. Thanks for that one Peppa pig. 

Crisis averted and off to bed she went. For 3 hours. 3 long boring hours. I thought the sleep would mean she would be in a good mood when she arose. My god was I wrong. She non stop threw herself in a fit of rage onto the floor for the remainder of the afternoon. Or what was left of it. I thought a nice walk would cheer her up. I was wrong again. 

Although she seemed to enjoy sitting on a small log it took us half an hour just to walk a small stretch of the canal before it began to piss it down. In a rush to get us back and dried I closed the buggy by the back door and crushed my finger in it! 

Instant bruising. I’m pretty sure I am the clumsiest person I know. This was so painful it did make me cry! 

It was time for the bedtime routine and Small Human very cleverly ate her dinner with a spoon all by herself!  I wish someone would congratulate me the way I do to her for managing to get a spoon from the bowl to her mouth. That would be the dream! 

She’s growing up too fast! I love seeing her change and progress from a baby into a little person but I do wish that time would just slow down. 

We had a bit more of a success in the bath this evening and only a few tears when doing the hair wash. 

It took 2 hours to get her to actually go to sleep and she dropped off just as Man Child arrived home from work. Typical! 

We’ve just finished watching the Santa Clarita diet and for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet and fancies an easy to watch, short yet hilarious programme then give it a try! 

I’m off to bed 😘


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Two tiny toddlers! 

Today was physiotherapy day. That and I had a special date with my sister in law! I was unsure if I was going to make it on time as there was a 2 hour delay on the M1 and a road closed on my route! I managed to find another way to go but it still took me just under an hour! 

I had a swift cuppa and headed off to Physo leaving Small Human to reek havoc with her cousin. 

Physio was great and I did feel a bit clearer after and the headfog seemed to subside a bit. I had acupuncture on my back, shoulders arms and hands. Now I have pain in my fingers…is that normal?

I arrived back to my Sister in Laws and was provided with a delicious bacon and egg sandwich and a cup of tea! She certainly is an amazing woman! Not only does she look after my Small Human on a regar basis and in times of need but she also feeds and waters me. Everyone knows the way to my heart is straight through my stomach! 

Both Tidy Toddlers were getting grumpy. Especially when B was told he wasn’t allowed in the toy box multiple times. So we headed off for a long walk to willen lake.

The conversation was flowing despite Small Human whinging the whole way there. B was a good boy and slept most of the journey! She could learn a few things from that one! 

We stopped for a drink in the pub by the lake and walked down to the park to set the tiny Toddlers loose. 

They seemed to enjoy themselves up until the point B got hit by a moving swing and Small Human face planted into the dirt when coming down the slide. Time to head back. 

They both had a bag of baby popcorn which Small Human spilt all over herself and the buggy. I took the remainders down to the lake to the ducks and as I threw them the wind blew them straight back at me! 

By the time we made it back it was already 4pm and time to pack Small Human into the car and get home for a nap. Only a half an hour nap though as it was already getting late. 

Stir fry chicken noodles was on the menu for tonight’s dinner and it was a bit of playtime and off to bed for Small Human. I am shattered! Time to relax with Man Child and get an early night! 

Holly 😂

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Caister-on-sea holiday day #4 & #5 

Last night whilst writing my blog I ran out of data on my phone and was unable to complete it! So here is our last 2 days at caister-on-sea. 

Day #4 

We woke up nice and early as we usually do and my stomach was feeling much healthier. We scoffed our breakfast, got ready and headed on down to pettitts farm. I have so many memories of this place when I was a child and it was great to go back with my Small Human and Man Child to make new ones! 

Small Human woke up with a cold and was looking pretty washed out. This didn’t stop her from enjoying herself though. She mostly enjoyed chasing the ducks around a field and laughing her head off.

It was bloody freezing but we made the most of it. 

We came across some crane machines and Hazel was delighted to see her favourite characters from Paw Patrol were inside. I was telling Man Child about how these things are rigged and you can only win one every certain amount of goes. I popped my pound in and with all my might (and the help of a small joy stick) I let the crane lower itself onto one of the toys and BAM! I won! 

She seemed delighted with her new pet toy that she sat down and tried to force feed the poor thing gravel. Well I guess the don’t call him Rubble for nothing! 

We fed the goats, grabbed some lunch, watched the worlds most awful clown show and saw the rest of the animals. With a very tired and very grumpy Small Human in Toe we called it a day and headed back to the house on wheels. 

We couldn’t decide whether to go to the evening entertainment or not and we settled for a walk on the beach.  

We had our wellies on and walked down to the sea thinking it would be a nice idea to let the water wash over our feet. That was until Small Human made a B line for the waves and ended up soaked. We spent 10 minutes running in and out of the sea until we were all completely drenched down to our undies. 

Legs and feet frozen we dashed back as fast as we could and warmed ourselves up in the shower. A bit of play time later, we sent Small Human off to bed and watched some crap TV with cheesy nachos before going to bed ourselves! 

Day #5 

Can you believe it’s been freezing cold,cloudy and rainy all week and then on the day of our departure bright sunshine? Typical! 

Check out was at 10 so we packed the car and dropped our keys off at reception before taking our last trip down to Great Yarmouth Beach. Just before this we heated up a bottle for Small Human and the microwave started smoking! There was a large burn mark on the inside. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything serious and it had happened before the next family had arrived because you just don’t know what would have happened if it had been on any longer! 

We visited the Merivale model village which again I have many memories of when I was younger. 

It was great going back again as an adult and seeing all the ‘rude models’ we don’t notice as children. I saw a man flashing a lady in his home, a woman streaking on a football pitch and a rugby players bare bottom! 

If only I had seen these things in real life! Now that would have been a treat! 

We walked across the board walk and ended the day with a subway! 

Small Human was completely warn out and slept most of the journey home which was a bonus! 

When we got home we unpacked the car and waited for the handy man to come and work out why we have a large stain on our kitchen ceiling. Turns out the sealant to the bath had come away and water was leaking through! It must not have been put in correctly as the interior of our home is just over 6 months old! The bath is now sealed (hopefully correctly this time) and the stain has been removed. We do now however have a large white paint patch and will have to wait a week for them to come back and paint it back to its original colour! 

It’s been a brilliant week and I’m straight back to work tomorrow so it’s time to relax and get an early night 

Thanks for reading 😘


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Caister-on-Sea holiday day #3 

Well this morning I woke up with a terrible stomach. Multiple times in the night I woke up with awful stomach pains and severe heart burn. Needless to say this morning I spent most of my time in the bathroom. I ended up going back to sleep for a bit whilst Man Child catered to Small Human and I felt a bit better when I woke up. I dont know why these things happen to me all the time. Anyway it completely ruined our plans for today so we decided we would take a walk down the beach instead. 

Small Human loves the sea and given the chance I’m sure she would run straight into it. 

We walked down to the pool and went for a swim. It’s almost a year since we last came here and I got an adorable before and after pic of Hazel! 

I can’t believe how much she’s changed in a year! 

After a couple of hours of swimming and one big tantrum later we decided to head back to the caravan for the evening. 

We’re relaxing tonight rather than going to see the evenings entertainment. I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed that I feel much better tomorrow as we have planned a trip to Petitts farm! 

See you tomorrow 😘


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Caister-on-sea holiday day #2 

Whoever said a holiday was a break clearly didn’t have any children! I am EXHAUSTED

Someone woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning and it wasn’t Small Human. It was infact Man Child who was overly excited to go swimming! Just 5 more minutes please! 

I finally gave in and got up. Heading off down to the pool for a swim. Small human loved it! So much so she didn’t want any help walking in the water and instead decided she wanted to walk on her own all the way up to her neck. Which she found was hilarious. That was until she laughed, lost her balance and took a dunk straight under. Never the less she did not take this as a failure and continued to do the same over and over again. Screaming in anger anytime myself or Man Child tried to save her from drowning! 

After swimming we headed back to our home on wheels and put her down for a nap. She didn’t want a nap so I ended up getting her up. You’ve won this round little one. We headed into Great Yarmouth for the afternoon there’s plenty to do down there but it’s been pretty cold and windy today so what better than a trip to the sea life centre. 

She won a medal that says ‘I touched a starfish’ but it’s a LIE! She did not touch a starfish. She simply looked at one. But I touched a startfish and did I get a medal? No I didn’t! 

We all enjoyed the fishes and scary sea creatures. However I am petrified of the ‘underwater tunnel’ and I can never physically stay in one. I don’t mind small spaces at all but being in a small glass hallway with tons of water and sharks swimming over your head just sends me over the edge. I quickly shuffled through and waiting for Small Human and Man Child to meet me on the other side! 

We popped into the amusements to spend some cash on the coin machines. You can’t possibly go to the seaside and not spend all your 2p’s collecting small shitty toys and sweets which have possibly been there for months! All in the name of fun. 

We were going to go to the model village until it began to rain. Instead we grabbed some doughnuts and sat on a grass patch to eat them. God damn pesky pigeons were everywhere! Small Human thought this was great and chased them round. Birds used to be afraid of humans once upon a time but now they literally do not give a shit how close you are! 

Back to the caravan we went to get Small Human for a sleep and this time she actually gave in and had a long snooze! Myself and Man Child readied ourself for the evenings events down at the ‘club’ and once Small Human arose we made our way down. 

I have a tip for all you parents out there when it comes to keeping an eye one your child in a sea of other Small Children. 

Incase you loose your small human or simply just forget what they look like just stick a large glow stick in their top and send them on their way. That way if you can’t see them you’ll always know where they are due to the yellow aura surrounding them. 

It was a late night for Small Human this evening and we didn’t get back to the caravan until 10! I’m suprised she’s been so well behaved considering she must be shattered. Even I can hardly keep my eyes open! 

Off to bed 😘


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Caister-on-sea holiday day #1

So here we are. Our holiday has finally arrived. After the weekend I’ve had it couldn’t have come any sooner! 

I got up early with Small Human to finish the packing because I was just to weak to do it all last night. I don’t feel 100% but I knew this would be the case for a few days after a migraine attack. Anyway Man Child had a lie in and when he got up we packed up the car and headed off! 

Even Small Human was excited despite not even knowing what was going on. We made it in 2.5 hours which was great and the roads were pretty much clear. We arrived at 1.30pm and as check in wasn’t until 4 we decided to head straight to Great Yarmouth and have a burger on the beach. 

Small Human was fearless when it came to the water which is a mirical considering she can’t stand being in the bath. We played on the beach for an hour before heading to Tesco to grab some last minute bits! 

The check in queue was massive and it took us ages to get our keys. When we got to the front we found out our caravan was one of the furthest away from everything. This happened last time. However we are right on the sea front which is beautiful. 

We couldn’t actually remember what type of caravan we had booked and we were pleasantly suprised to find not only was it a newer model but it was huge! 

We unpacked our things. Put Small Human for a nap. Ate some pizza and headed down to the ‘club’ for some dancing! 

It’s been a wonderful first day and I can’t wait for tomorrow to explore the area! 

Holly 😘

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Do you ever have those days where you just wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed and it feels like the whole world is against you? 

Today was that day. So my solution to today being a complete write off is to end it early and go to bed. 

Tomorrow I head of to Great Yarmouth for 5 days and the break from life honestly can’t come soon enough. 

My posts will be sparse next week but full of exciting and fun things! 

Holly 😘