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Shopping spree! 

This afternoon I had a girly date with my mum and my sisters planed. First things first though. The morning routine of sorting Small Human out. It’s been so warm today we decided it would be a great idea to play in a sink full of cold water and bubbles! 

Obviously just Small Human in there as I don’t think I could get my bum up in the side! 

I recieved an exciting package in the post today. Not too exciting for everyone but definitely for me! 

Last week we bought an annual ticket to ZSL zoo. As Small Human is free up until 3 years old why not take advantage of the opportunity. We went last weekend just for a half day out and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I’m looking forward to the next year and many trips to see the animals. The tickets also include London Zoo and as I’ve never been before we’ve decided to plan a trip up there. 

Man Child arrived home from work and I headed straight off to my mums for a shopping spree. And a spree it was! Bra shopping. Clothes shopping. Shoe shopping and of course Make-up! My make-up collection is constantly expanding but I can’t help a bargain. I managed to get all this below for only £22! Who could argue with that? 

I’m mostly excited for the 3 new Soap and Glory lip products! 😍

  • Sexy mother pucker – Love & O-Beige
  • Matte lip – Choccoberry
  • Lip Lacquer – Aubergenius 

We stopped off mid way through for a coffee and a chat. My mum ordered a slice of chocolate cake which she hated but still continued to eat it until she was half way through and decided it was unbearable to consume…strange lady! 

We met up with my twin and headed for dinner at Pizza Hut. I have to say they’ve really improved in there recently and the food was delicious. I ate far to much cheese and I’m sat on the sofa with a stomach ache watching crappy TV! It was great to spend some time with just my ladies although we were missing my little sister! It’s not easy to get us all in the same place at the same time. 

One more day of work tomorrow before the weekend where I’ll be travelling to wales for some R&R! 

Holly 😘

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Family time, shopping and an Indian! 

First off I would like to start by saying I am currently writing this whilst in my bath tub and DAMN its hot. I always do this. Put was to much hot water in and then spend the majority of my time sweltering to death rather than cleaning my body like I’m meant too! So I thought it was a great time to write today’s instalment. Hopefully I will make up through without passing out! 

This morning Small Human woke up at 6:20. What even is that time? Certainly not a time to be awake. I made her a bottle and she went back to bed until half 8 which was much more acceptable! We got up and dressed, ate breakfast and watched the usual Paw Patrol. I hope she becomes interested in another programme soon because I don’t know how much more I can take before I decide to rip my own eyeballs out. 

My dad popped in for a cuppa and a catch up this morning and Small Human was being extra cuddly which was lovely to see. 

She was not happy when he left and burst out crying! It’s very sad to watch but wonderful she has an attachment to him. 

Not long after he left my mum turned up. We had a drink and headed into Northampton for some shopping. If you’re a regular reader here then just over a week ago you’ll remember me saying about my mental break down whilst trying on dresses. This did not happen today. Instead the mental break down came when trying on bras. I thought I would have made it all the way through the shopping trip without a drama but that’s just not how I roll. I did, however find the most beautiful outfit and I cannot wait to wear it to the wedding at the end of the month. I also totally embarrass myself when I came out of the changing rooms and hadn’t noticed my dress was caught in my knickers. Thankfully my mum saw and came to my rescue. I just hope nobody else saw or they would be scarred for life! 

We stopped for a coffee before carrying on picking up accessories and the last few bits. Despite the melt down it was a great shopping trip! 

We headed back home for another coffee and myself, Small Human and Man Child headed off to Megna Indian restaurant to meet a friend for dinner. The food is delicious and as I own the salon down the road from them we even got free drinks! 

It was Small Humans first Indian and she seemed to enjoy it! We never get anything spicy as we just can’t handle it so it was perfect for her to try. I’ve never been one to tolerate spicy food. Sometimes I can’t even eat BBQ sauce because the kick is so strong. I can’t understand how people can enjoy food that literally burns going in and burns coming out… She did get a bit loud and shouty towards the end so we finished with an ice-cream and headed back home! Great food, great atmosphere and great company! 

Popped Small Human into bed and she went down without a fight. This meant Myself and Man Child could relax on the sofa and unwind from a busy day! 

I’m going to get out of the bath now until I turn into something that resemble Jillian McKeith. 

Holly 😘

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Happy Easter 🐣 

Today is a day for chocolate. I’m 99.9% sure there’s another meaning to Easter but for me it’s about roast dinner and copious amounts of white chocolate. It’s the kind of day where you can eat and eat and literally feel your waistline physically growing. My trousers were too big this morning and now they fit just right.  

My egg was the bomb! I say ‘was’ because I’ve devoured a fair amount of it already. 

I got up this morning with Small Human and we had a fairly relaxed time which was so needed. We stayed in our Pjs, ate chocolate and watched 10 zillion episodes of paw patrol. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday! We were about to leave for my mums when I couldn’t find my keys. I was ready to go with my shoes on and Small Humans bag pack half hanging off my shoulders. I tore the house apart looking for them and in my head I was saying “where the FUCK are my FUCKING keys” but what came out of my mouth was ‘don’t worry darling we will leave in a minute once mummy has found her keys’ I try very hard not to use profanity infront of children although the word ‘fuck’ did accidentally slip out infront of my 7 year old niece at the dinner table earlier. Thankfully she didn’t hear but I did feel bad! Anyway I searched for 20 minutes before calling Man Child to ask him if he’d seen them. “Are they in the backpack?” he said. OF COURSE THEY BLOODY WERE. The only place I didn’t look was on my person and there they were in the front pocket. If keys had hands I’m sure there would have been a big middle finger pointing up at me when I found them. Off we went around half 1 to pick my younger sister up from my mums. We popped in for a quick cuppa and headed on over to my dads. When we got there he was in bed feeling poorly. He did manage to make it down to see us all and watch us eat our dinner but didn’t have any himself 😞 

My Nan embarrassingly whispered to me earlier “are you pregnant?” to which I replied “MY GOD NO”. We all burst out laughing. There is a reason she asked me this. Not just because of my ‘mum tum’ but because yesterday she showed me a video and it made me all emotional. I said ‘god i don’t know what’s wrong with me. Perhaps I’m pregnant’…this was a joke. I am 100% not pregnant and it will be a damn long time before I am again. I love my Small Human to bits but the thought of carrying around another massive lump. A c-section and 6-12 months of sleepless nights isn’t in my immediate future! I have days where I think to myself “honestly people who have more than one baby should probably take a trip down to the loony bin and get themselves checked out.” Don’t get me started on the poo. My god I never want to witness baby poo again! I’ll leave that one down to Man Child… I also can’t cope with people asking about my child’s bowel movements. I mean total strangers will ask you “how’s your baby sleeping?” “any teeth yet?” “how about their poo. Is it normal?” IS IT NORMAL! Is it fuck. If we pooped like that as fully grown adults we would have some serious problems on our hands. Why is it even socially acceptable to talk to another human being about what exits your child? I just don’t understand. 

We had some good chats at the dinner table and it was nice to have my family around for the afternoon! Not long after eating we decided to head on home as Small Human was being a rat bag. She kept squealing as loud as she could. It’s the type of noise that sends shivers down your spine and makes you want to rip your head off your shoulders. I think she’s had way too much chocolate today and ended up with a sugar crash. I decided not to go straight home with her and Man Child but instead took my sister to the salon to do her nails. 

I’m getting better at this Gel Extensions business. A few more goes and I’ll be ready to unleash them to my clients. I’ve got a couple of kinks to work out but so far so good. We had a right laugh while we were doing these and we put the world to right. I can’t even remember what we were talking about…but it was fun! 

Getting late and I’m back home now for another movie night with Man Child. 

It’s been a brilliant weekend and I have one more day off tomorrow before it’s back to normality! I do apologise for all the swearing. It is in my nature to curse a lot and if you don’t like then I apologise from the bottom of my fart. I mean heart. 

Holly 😘

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Spa day and an electrical fail. 

My god do I feel relaxed today! The only possible way I could feel more chilled out was if I was asleep. Or dead… but let’s not wish that upon myself just yet. I’ve still got plenty of living to do! 

Myself and Man Child got up this morning. Packed up Hazel and shipped her off to my dads for the day! The great thing about grandparents is you can literally dump them when you feel like it and be on your way. They even enjoy the company of small humans. Believe it or not! 

She seemed fairly content with her bag of crisps and a cuddle on grandads lap. It was a nice suprise to see my Nan was down from wales for the Easter weekend. Her and Hazel were even wearing matching tops! 

It’s so nice to see her! As she lives so far away it’s difficult to see each other on a regular basis but when we do we have plenty of laughs! 

Small human was all cuddled up on the sofa and we made the great escape out the door and off to Bannatynes spa for a day of relaxation! How we managed that with no tears or tantrums I’ll never know! 

We made good use of the pool, sauna and steam room and even treated ourselves to a lovely massage. Which would have been much better had my therapist not spoke the whole way through the treatment. She tucked a towel into my swimming costume and I’m pretty sure she pulled it down so far half my arse crack was hanging out! She’ll need a bit of therapy and probably a lie down after witnessing that!

Despite the massage not being completely relaxing it was nice enough and we resumed our day by mucking around with floats in the pool. A quick dip in the hottub and a bit of a sweat in the sauna we decided to call it a day and head off to collect Small Human! She had a great time at her grandads. Apparently she spent some time trying to put her Dr. Martins on the dog! We all left for home to put her to bed. 

Myself and Man Child feeling super lazy after our chilled out day decided to make bacon sandwiches for dinner and cosy up on the sofa for a movie. We have a ‘bacon sunday’ tradition in our household but Man Child has missed out on this the past few weeks due to overtime. So to save a bit of heartache tomorrow morning we decided to cook them up early. That and I couldn’t muster up the energy to actually cook anything half decent. 

Ready to watch a movie. That was until we realised when we turned one of our lights off in the living room it stayed on! I began to freak out wondering how long it would be before it burst and set fire to the house destroying everything in sight. All was resolved when I contacted a guy I knew who is an electrician to ask him what was wrong. Turns out the lights are completely fine and it was just the bulb on its way out. How embarassing. It was like one of those moments when you can’t figure out why something won’t turn on and it’s because it isn’t even plugged in. That’s women for you. Immediately jumping to the wrong conclusion before using your brain to figure out the most simple resolution. 

We finally watched our film and we are off to bed! 

Holly 😘

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Woburn Safari and Meeting Chase! 

Myself and Manchild got up nice and early this morning. We finally had a day off together for good Friday and we decided to take a trip down to Woburn safari park! We packed a nice picnic and headed off around 10am. Which is a great achievement when you have a small human running around butt naked and not wanting to get dressed. We arrived there and it was packed

We came well prepared with tea and coffee to go. I do not have much experience when it comes to consuming hot beverages from a thermos glass. I burnt my top lip three times! THREE! I’m not sure I even have an upper lip left anymore. At least it saves me from having to wax that area any time soon as not only did I burn my lip off completely I definitely singed the hairs off too! 

It took us well over 2 hours just to get through the drive through bit. Not that it mattered as we had nowhere else to be! 

Small Human helped Man Child drive and couldn’t give a crap about the animals. She was much more interested in a big blue bus that was driving around. Or a ‘Buff’ as she calls it! All that money spent just look at a bloody large vehicle! She did however see the very last animal on the drive through. A monkey. As we drove off she cried her eyes out and it was the saddest thing ever! 

We headed straight for the loos but there was a massive queue. I snatch Small Human from Man Child and sneakily went in the baby changing room so I could skip the line. Naughty! There are some great things you can get away with when you have a little person present and not having to hold a wee in for 20 minutes in a damn long line is one of them! 

Speaking of long lines we headed straight over to meet Chase from Paw Patrol. Hazel was super excited to see him…that was until it was her turn to have a picture taken and she got frightened and tried to run away! We did however get a photo and she even mustered up the courage to give him a high five! 

After that we went into the Mammoth Ark to play in the play area…sadly there were no mammoths in there. It’s not a great one for really little ones. She did however thoroughly enjoy the ball pit! We didn’t spend much time in there considering we had lots of animals to see and we hadn’t paid near £50 just to play on a climbing frame. 

We went round to see the tiny monkeys which Hazel loved but she was less than impressed when she realised she wasn’t actually allowed to chase them around! After a few tears and a big tantrum she thought it best just to play peek-a-boo with them instead. 

After seeing lots of animal and having tons of fun we headed back to the car. Just in time as it began to rain! 

Small human has a play date with her grandad tomorrow so we swung past my mums house to grab the travel cot where we ended up staying for a cuppa and a catch up! My younger sister came back home for the weekend and she’s finished uni completely now! I’m so proud of her! 

It was back home for dinner, bath and bedtime for Small Human. Along with a bit of a chocolate Easter egg of course! Myself and Man Child are sat playing games and scoffing our faces with chocolate too because what else are you meant to have on Easter weekend? He sat down on the sofa and said ‘My God I am cream shattered’…I’m pretty sure the saying is ‘cream crackered’ but you know… 

We have a lovely relaxing spa day tomorrow and a massage too! It’s been a LONG time since we’ve done anything together without Small Human. The last time we were alone was last November when we got engaged! So this outing is much needed and long over due! 

Holly 😘

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A few days break 

The last few days have not been good in terms of headaches hence I haven’t been posting my blog. I’m feeling a bit better today thankfully! I decide to take a couple of days of blogging to get some rest and avoid staring at my phone screen! 

Not much has really happened over the past few days other than work and play! 

I’ve been busy with nails with the lead up to Easter and the bottom 2 are our new gel extensions! 

This is a very short and very boring post. I have a full on weekend ahead of me so I’m sure the content will be a lot more exciting! 

Until tomorrow, Holly 😘

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Playtime in the park and the return of the migraine! 

Today began so well and ended so badly!

Myself and Manchild headed straight out this morning to my dads house where we were welcomed with tea and crumpets! Delicious! We played with my niece who has grown up so much recently and I can’t believe she is going to be 8 soon! Where has that time gone! 

She was very entertaining and helped look after Hazel and shared all of her toys! She is such a pleasure to be around and I enjoyed every moment spent there! 

We took a walk to the park to have a play on the swings. It was fairly overcast today but not particularly cold! 

After some ‘parkour’ as mills calls it we headed back to my dads for some tuna sandwiches. Mmmm! Lots more tea was consumed and before I knew it it was already 3pm and time to take Small Human home for a nap. On the drive back I started to feel really unwell despite feeling fine all day and then BAM a migraine. 

It’s so frustrating because physio has been helping so much that I’ve come off my migraine tablets only a week ago today and now I’m feeling the effects again! I’m unsure if I should start the tablets again or wait until I see my physiotherapist with the hope that this is just a one off! It’s left me feeling pretty deflated and like I’m back to square one! 

I went for a nap when Man child came back and after eating some Spag Bol I’m feeling a bit better! I still have that fuzzy feeling and I’m hoping it will be gone by the morning! At the moment it just feels like one problem after another. When will it end! 

I’ll be getting an early night tonight as I have work tomorrow! 

Holly 😘