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First blog post and London travels. 

Training with the Iiaa.

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Shopping spree! 

This afternoon I had a girly date with my mum and my sisters planed. First things first though. The morning routine of sorting Small Human out. It’s been so warm today we decided it would be a great idea to play in a sink full of cold water and bubbles! 

Obviously just Small Human in there as I don’t think I could get my bum up in the side! 

I recieved an exciting package in the post today. Not too exciting for everyone but definitely for me! 

Last week we bought an annual ticket to ZSL zoo. As Small Human is free up until 3 years old why not take advantage of the opportunity. We went last weekend just for a half day out and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! I’m looking forward to the next year and many trips to see the animals. The tickets also include London Zoo and as I’ve never been before we’ve decided to plan a trip up there. 

Man Child arrived home from work and I headed straight off to my mums for a shopping spree. And a spree it was! Bra shopping. Clothes shopping. Shoe shopping and of course Make-up! My make-up collection is constantly expanding but I can’t help a bargain. I managed to get all this below for only £22! Who could argue with that? 

I’m mostly excited for the 3 new Soap and Glory lip products! 😍

  • Sexy mother pucker – Love & O-Beige
  • Matte lip – Choccoberry
  • Lip Lacquer – Aubergenius 

We stopped off mid way through for a coffee and a chat. My mum ordered a slice of chocolate cake which she hated but still continued to eat it until she was half way through and decided it was unbearable to consume…strange lady! 

We met up with my twin and headed for dinner at Pizza Hut. I have to say they’ve really improved in there recently and the food was delicious. I ate far to much cheese and I’m sat on the sofa with a stomach ache watching crappy TV! It was great to spend some time with just my ladies although we were missing my little sister! It’s not easy to get us all in the same place at the same time. 

One more day of work tomorrow before the weekend where I’ll be travelling to wales for some R&R! 

Holly 😘

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A day of beauty! 

After my stressful rant yesterday I woke up this morning feeling completely refreshed. Small Human didn’t wake up until 9 and I was in such a deep sleep even when she did wake up I didn’t want to pull myself out of bed. 

We pottered around the house and around 11am she shouted at me “NU NIGHT” and pointed to the stairs. I said “it’s not bed time yet” and she replied with “YES” and threw herself on the floor in tears. I thought best to actually take her up to bed seeing as she was apparently so desperate for it! I’ve never known an almost 2 year old to actually tell you when they want to go for a nap! 

This meant time to sit infront of the TV and stick some slap on for work. I’ve got some serious brows going on but neither the time nor energy to get them sorted. 

Man Child arrived home from work and it was a quick hello and goodbye before I left myself. Treatments at work ensued and a meeting with our Make-up rep and I’m feeling pretty positive about the ranges new summer line.

 I saw 2 clients who came in a month ago to have our new gel extensions put on and neither of them even had a scratch on! They still looked perfect! 

I popped some new sets on and sent them on their way for another month! Hard work and education really pays off. Especially when you see a good result. Needless to say I’m feeling pretty chuffed 😌

My last client of that day was an Environ facial which meant a whole hour of peace and quiet. I always feel so sleepy after performing a facial or massage and it’s like a Therapy for myself in a way! 

I headed back home and cooked up some home made pasties that were made by my sister and Mum. They were damn good! All I need now is the recipe so I can make my own. 

Small Human is in bed and it’s time to relax with my Man Child. That is after we’ve cleared up the living room that now looks like a toy shop! 

Holly 😘

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The blog is back! 

I’m not going to lie the past couple of months have been stressful. That’s the reason I haven’t been blogging much. So much has happened. Mostly things I don’t feel like going into too much detail but you know what it’s like when you just have week after week of stress

I’m just hoping that things will improve because if they don’t I feel like a mental break down may be on the way. I’m trying to juggle so many things in my life and I’m struggling to find a happy balance between work, friends, family and running around after everyone. Especially work. I just wish I could be there more often than I am and you don’t hear too many people saying that!  Thank god I’m going to see my family in wales on the weekend because I’m desperate for a break. 

Don’t get me wrong some great things have also happened over the last couple of months such as getting a new car, purchasing an annual ticket to the zoo, watching some friends get married and much more. But the small things are adding up and I feel like it’s getting to be too much. 

Today was just the icing on top of an already poop filled cake. Arrived at my dads to spend some quality time with him and my Small Human. That was until I pulled up outside his house and she puked all over herself and my shiny new car. 😩 

Rushed her inside to get her cleaned up and thankfully my step mum had a stash of clothes she was keeping aside for her. I changed her into a lovely clean white top and just left her bottoms off. 2 minutes later she puked straight down it and onto the floor. Time for top number 2. 

She seemed to perk up a bit and we had some lunch before making a mad dash home to drop her with Man Child and zoom off for my physio appointment. Yep. Still having to get treated for these god damn headaches. Although I’m starting to wonder if it’s perhaps stress related rather than muscular.

I arrived bang on 3pm but there was nobody there. Called my therapist who reminded me that my appointment was actually at 4:30 and I was an hour and a half early! God damn it! At least this meant I could sort out the puke covered car seat that was sat in the back of my car. Nothing like the smell of vomit and cheese blowing around on a hot summers day to make you feel great on an already stressful Monday. I thought the air con would help blow the smell away but rather than that it just seemed to circulated back around and up into my nostrils! 

I did however manage to pop into work and paint my toenails which cheered me up for albeit 30 seconds. 

Off to physio now at the correct time and I left feeling a lot looser and felt as though the tension had relieved slightly. Homeward bound and after the evening routine I got into a nice hot steamy bath to relax myself. Well that was short lived too as Man Child came in to tell me that the bloody kitchen ceiling was leaking! Only very slightly but SERIOUSLY!!! Yet another thing to add to my list of things to sort out. 

Today being a complete failure I sat myself infront of the T.V and scoffed a pack of minstrels. Today was a write off and I’m heading to bed with the hopes that tomorrow improves. If it doesn’t it may just tip me over the edge and I’ll be purchasing a one way ticket to some hot country away from this mess. 

Holly 😘

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Wedding prep! 

It’s a hot and sticky night. Small Human is still awake and I can’t open her bedroom window because it opens from the bottom and it’s so low down I just imagine her climbing out of her cot and falling out of it! If I knew it was going to be this warm tonight I would have gotten her a fan! 

This morning I got up bright and early and took a trip to our local shop to get Small Human some milk. It was roasting! Not only that but she wanted to bring her baby and buggy along with her. After 2 minutes she got bored and I ended up carrying the damn thing the whole way their and back. 

What should have been a 5 minute walk took us almost an hour and she was far more interested in everything in sight to actually walk there at a decent speed. She did however run like a mad woman away from something on the ground screaming and crying. Turns out it was a snail… 

I went to work this afternoon still feeling completely broken from tuesdays fall. I’m attending a wedding this weekend and my plan was to wear some clear tights. I’m now wearing black ones to hide the damage and if it’s going to be as hot as it was today then I’m going to suffer. I’ll probably get fed up after a few drinks and whip them off. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it and letting loose! 

It’s wedding season and I created a beautiful pair of lashes for a client at work today whose attending her daughters wedding next week. 

Makes such a difference! My next client called to cancel as she was unwell which meant I could get my nails done to match my dress ready for saturdays big event! 

I arrived home to the most delicious chicken salad cooked by Man Child and Small Human was already in bed. Although it’s now 11pm and she’s still awake. 

I’ve slapped some hair dye on my head and that’s the last of the preparations for the weekend ahead! 

Holly 😘

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The big bad bruise! 

I can’t believe how nice the weathers been the past couple of days! It’s like the temperature has rose by 20 degrees in only 2 weeks. I’m not complaining of course. 

This morning I woke up to see my wonderful bruise had managed to make its way out and it’s a beauty! 

What a beast. I still can’t sit down without wincing in pain but it’s actually feeling a lot better today in comparison to yesterday! Although as the day has gone on the bruising has gotten worse and worse! 

This morning my very best friend popped in for a cuppa and a catch up. Small Human was having a nap which meant we could chat without being interrupted! Makes a change. 

I headed over to my mums this afternoon and although I managed to drive there I’ve been left feeling a lot more sore. I’m noticing areas of aches that I didn’t notice yesterday and I honestly feel as though I’ve been hit by a bus. 

We had some dinner and gave Small Human an outside bath. 

After she ran around the garden butt naked like a loon it was best we got her inside, dressed and in the car to get home! Now she’s all tucked up in bed and finally asleep I’m catching an early night myself! 

Holly 😘

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A tumble. 

This morning I took a trip down the stairs. Literally. I had Small Human in my arms as I tumbled straight down from the top step. Thankfully I managed to hold her tight and she didn’t get injured. I took the brunt of the fall and after 2 hours of searing pain to my thigh I though best to call 111 and get it checked out. 

Man Child came home from work to take me to the hospital and I was in and out within half an hour. I’m glad to say it’s just badly bruised and swollen and I’m unlikely to sit down properly for at least 10 days. 

My day consisted of resting and not a lot else. So here I sit writing my blog with a pack of frozen sweet potato fries cooling my achy leg because I have no peas! 

Here’s to a new day tomorrow and hopefully no more falls! 

Holly 😘

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Sunday, Monday, happy days. 

Keeping up with daily blogs is difficult when you have a super busy life like mine! So again I have 2 posts in one. 


The one day a week myself and Man Child have together both off work. I let Man Child have a lie in whilst I attended to Small Human. Thankfully she didn’t wake up until gone past 9 so it felt like a lie in for all of us! 

The usual morning routine began and we played played and played until Small Human could stand no longer. Off for a nap she went and myself and Man Child decided to keep up with our usual ‘bacon sunday’ tradition. Pretty self explanatory. However. To my disgust I opened the pack of bacon and it was out of date. The horror! We settled for cheese sandwiches instead but it just isn’t the same. 

Once Small Human had her snooze we headed down the canal for a bike ride. Man Child didn’t have his bike so he was on baby duty as I whizzed up and down the canal like a crazy person. Just as we reached the tunnel a fellow rider popped out of it. Saw us. Went to cycle onto the grass to let us through and face planted onto the floor. He shook it off with an awkward giggle and I said “God I hope there weren’t any stinging nettles down their on the floor” to which he replied “Nope just my dignity” poor sod. After that hilarious encounter we carried on down the canal and headed to the park. 

Finally Small Human was worn out again and we headed home. It was so hot I stripped her down to just her t-shirt and nappy to cool off. That was until she demanded to wear her Dr. martins and sparkly bag and strut around the living room. 

She’s such a free spirit. Although I’m not sure Man Child would allow her to go out looking like this when she’s 18! 

We had a fairly relaxed evening and it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday! 


Physio day! 

Myself and my sister in law were going to take the tiny humans to Mk safari but we thought the weather was far to nice to waste inside a kids play area so we planned for a nice walk instead. 

I dropped Small Human off and headed to physio. Feeling much MUCH better now and th eacupuncture  seems to be working a treat. That and its so relaxing. Afterwards I travelled back to my Sister in laws and she’d made us all lunch! She’s a true gem that one! 

Both Small Human and Cousin B were getting fairly ratty so it was a quick nappy change and off out we went! First stop was the park. It’s unlike any park I’d ever been in as a kid and even has a massive sandpit! 

The Tiny Humans thoroughly enjoyed themselves and both ended up smothered in sand. That’s what happens when you apply suncream to them and then let them play in it! Needless to say there was sand everywhere when Small Human had a bath this evening! 

We walked over to the lake and fed the ducks along with an ice lolly of course. That was for us. Not the ducks incase you couldn’t work that one out for yourself! 

There were some pretty big geese today and I feel as though they’re slowly taking over Milton Keynes. Nasty buggers. Thankfully none of them tried to chase us or our children! 

On the walk back cousin B fell asleep in his push chair so we took a quick detour to the pub for a drink in the gardens. I’m certainly not complaining. Cousin B snoozing away, Small Human running around and a nice icy drink for us mums! 

By this point it was already half 3 and time to get home! I got stuck in traffic on the M1 due to an accident on the other side of the road. If people didn’t slow down to look at the accident then there would be no traffic! 😡

Back home and Small Human was put to bed but she only slept for around 20 minutes as she had already passed out in the car. Afterwards we soaked up what was left of the sun by playing in the garden! 
That poor baby! I mean just look at how it’s positioned. Imagine I shoved Hazel in a pram like that. She has no concept of comfort what so ever. I know this first hand as she always points to my eyes shouts “Wow” and then proceeds to stab her pointy fingers straight into my eye socket. 

Man Child spent a while throwing her up in the air and she loves it!

Such cuties! 

We relaxed again this evening after scrubbing the sand off of Hazels body! 

That’s all today 😘