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Two days off! 

Yesterday I had a day off work as Man Child was heading to Nottingham for a stag do and I had nobody to watch over my Small Human! However after Friday’s crazy day at work I was grateful for the rest. Rest?… sorry I just snorted as I wrote that because I don’t think rest is in a parents vocabulary. 

I got up with Small Human and sorted out her ridiculous abundance of toys. They were taking over my home. I didn’t actually dispose of any I just rearranged them so they were in better order. I can finally walk around my home without fear of standing on a small plastic toy or being impaled by little wooden objects. I feel toys should come with a warning on them for parents. Like how they say “choking hazard, not suitiable for Small Humans” what they should say is “If you stand on one of these in the dead of night. You will cry. Like a little bitch”…just a thought. 

Man Child left for his night on the town and I spent the majority of the day getting things sorted. I’ve finally managed to catch up on all our holiday washing and before I knew it  the day had gone and it was already half 3. I packed myself and Small Human into the car and sped off to collect my younger sister for a girls night in! Once again my twin couldn’t make it as she was out at the theatre watching a show! Jealous!

The sun was shining but as it was getting late we took Small Human into the garden to run around before dinner and hopefully wear her out for bed. It worked. A mums secret guide to getting your child sleep better. Lots and lots of fresh air and craziness. Just run them ragged until they can’t physically stand anymore! 

We had a brilliant night and it was of course complimented by a children’s dinner. 

After dinner we played with Small Human who was running around laughing her head off. That was until she tripped over her own feet and face planted into a toy on the floor. It went straight into her eyeball! Lots of tears later and many cuddles she was ready to go to bed! I again reiterate my previous ‘warnings’ statement. This time it should read “may cause sudden blindness should your Small Human temporarily forget how to walk and fall onto this toy that was created by the devil”.

We caught up on Britains got talent, decided we wouldn’t bother watching Eurovision to save our ears the agony and spent hours watching stupid videos on YouTube. I did have an embarrassing moment when Jess turned over to Eurovision and said “Cyprus are smashing it”. To which I replied “I don’t even know who Cyprus is. Is that his name because that’s where he’s from?”. I didn’t realise it was actually the country and not a random music act named Cyprus. Pretty embarassing when you consider my stepdad is from there…face palm. 

At midnight we heard my front gate rattle and when I opened the door there was a dog standing there. (Of course it was standing. I mean it wasnt fucking flying now was it! Captain obvious over here.) It had a collar on but as I went out to see if it had a tag it ran away. We strategically placed some ham on the gate so we could listen out if it came back but it never did. I hope it has been reunited with its owners! 

We decided around half 1 in the morning it was probably time to get to bed. Although I struggled to fall asleep so I woke up this morning feeling pretty exhausted. Which wasn’t helped by Small Human wanting a bottle at 7am. Thankfully she went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until. What a miracle! 

My twin popped in for a cuppa and some lunch this afternoon and we put the world to rights as we usually do. It’s perfect getting together and letting off some steam.

It’s my Mothers very special 50th Birthday in 2 weeks time so we’ve been discussing gift ideas! After my twin left, Man Child arrived home feeling a bit sorry for himself. I sent him off for a nap to recover and we went outside to play in the garden. 

Small Human found a snail which led onto conversations about “are they born with their shells?” “Are snails just slugs in disguise?” And “Do slugs bite?”. The answers were Yes, no, yes. Perhaps stupid questions to ask but today I learnt that slugs do infact have teeth and yes they can bite. But they’re so microscopic you wouldn’t even notice. Fascinating. Maybe you don’t care. But do you know what? Now you know a totally interesting yet pointless fact too. You’re welcome. 

I took my younger sister home and Man Child and I have been relaxing on the sofa! A weekend well spent. 

I’ve got physio in the morning and I’ve felt so much better this week along with the dairy free diet so I’m hopeful for another good week and to get on top of these headaches! 

Holly 😘

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A busy busy day! 

Today passed me in the blink of an eye. Where did it even go! I rushed in to work early to cover for one of my therapists who has a poorly little boy and thankfully Man Child was off today. I had a fair few bits to sort out and so many treatments! Luckily I managed to get it done and crisis was averted! 

I think I roughly had a 15 minute lunch break. Which was not at lunch time it was actually at 4:30 so I was glad to see the back of today. However I had the most wonderful client in who is off to get married in Italy this weekend so that really helped! 

Somehow during my day of running around like a headless chicken I’ve managed to badly hurt my foot. It hurts every time I step on it and it’s pretty swollen… not good! 

I arrived home to Man Child cooking lamb and it did not dissapoint! 

I’m off for a shower and a relax infront of the tv with some much needed sweets. 

Holly 😘

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Help with the cleaning. 

I forgot my blog yesterday. Or more like I was too tired to actually write it by the time I got round to it. Nothing much to report on yesterday other than I went to work to get a facial and have my eyelashes done and it was lovely! 

Today I got up with Small Human and pottered around the house cleaning. She even helped me by hoovering up (or trying too) and then cried when I took it off her… 

Of course you can’t hoover without baby in one hand! 

I headed off to work. Did some lovely clients and painted some nail art on my nails! 

I just got home and had sausages for dinner and now I’m off to relax! 

I realise my blog today has been pretty boring but some days you don’t do a lot and today was that day! 

Holly 😘

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Crazy baby, Chrome nails and work! 

Today was a day for cleaning! 

Small Human actually slept in until 8 today which makes a big change from the usual 6:15 wake up call. I woke up feeling refreshed and feeling the benefits to physio yesterday. Something I haven’t felt in a good few weeks. What a good opportunity to get the house in order. 

Man Child got home from work and we had a passing hello and goodbye as I left for the daily grind. 

The salon was so peaceful when I arrived which obviously meant it was lunch time! The calm before the storm! 

Clients and treatments ensued and I am OBSESSED with Magpie Beauty’s crome powders! 

They’re definitely going to be a big hit this summer that’s for sure. This one is the shade ‘Iris’ and on the top of my list of favourites. 

After work I took the drive home and popped to the shops to get some soya milk. I’m trying a dairy free diet to try and help with the migraines and so far I haven’t found it difficult at all! I may feel some benefits from this and I may not. Only time will tell! 

Small Human was in a crazy mood this evening after her bath. She had a burst of energy running around butt naked and screaming the place down. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a happy child. 

As you can see she’s worn herself out and taken a rather uncomfortable sleeping position. Man Child managed to move her back onto her pillow without waking her up! Score! 

It’s time for crappy TV and a relax. I’ve got some pampering booked in at work tomorrow with my girls and I cannot wait! 

Holly 😘

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Two tiny toddlers! 

Today was physiotherapy day. That and I had a special date with my sister in law! I was unsure if I was going to make it on time as there was a 2 hour delay on the M1 and a road closed on my route! I managed to find another way to go but it still took me just under an hour! 

I had a swift cuppa and headed off to Physo leaving Small Human to reek havoc with her cousin. 

Physio was great and I did feel a bit clearer after and the headfog seemed to subside a bit. I had acupuncture on my back, shoulders arms and hands. Now I have pain in my fingers…is that normal?

I arrived back to my Sister in Laws and was provided with a delicious bacon and egg sandwich and a cup of tea! She certainly is an amazing woman! Not only does she look after my Small Human on a regar basis and in times of need but she also feeds and waters me. Everyone knows the way to my heart is straight through my stomach! 

Both Tidy Toddlers were getting grumpy. Especially when B was told he wasn’t allowed in the toy box multiple times. So we headed off for a long walk to willen lake.

The conversation was flowing despite Small Human whinging the whole way there. B was a good boy and slept most of the journey! She could learn a few things from that one! 

We stopped for a drink in the pub by the lake and walked down to the park to set the tiny Toddlers loose. 

They seemed to enjoy themselves up until the point B got hit by a moving swing and Small Human face planted into the dirt when coming down the slide. Time to head back. 

They both had a bag of baby popcorn which Small Human spilt all over herself and the buggy. I took the remainders down to the lake to the ducks and as I threw them the wind blew them straight back at me! 

By the time we made it back it was already 4pm and time to pack Small Human into the car and get home for a nap. Only a half an hour nap though as it was already getting late. 

Stir fry chicken noodles was on the menu for tonight’s dinner and it was a bit of playtime and off to bed for Small Human. I am shattered! Time to relax with Man Child and get an early night! 

Holly 😂

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Family time, shopping and an Indian! 

First off I would like to start by saying I am currently writing this whilst in my bath tub and DAMN its hot. I always do this. Put was to much hot water in and then spend the majority of my time sweltering to death rather than cleaning my body like I’m meant too! So I thought it was a great time to write today’s instalment. Hopefully I will make up through without passing out! 

This morning Small Human woke up at 6:20. What even is that time? Certainly not a time to be awake. I made her a bottle and she went back to bed until half 8 which was much more acceptable! We got up and dressed, ate breakfast and watched the usual Paw Patrol. I hope she becomes interested in another programme soon because I don’t know how much more I can take before I decide to rip my own eyeballs out. 

My dad popped in for a cuppa and a catch up this morning and Small Human was being extra cuddly which was lovely to see. 

She was not happy when he left and burst out crying! It’s very sad to watch but wonderful she has an attachment to him. 

Not long after he left my mum turned up. We had a drink and headed into Northampton for some shopping. If you’re a regular reader here then just over a week ago you’ll remember me saying about my mental break down whilst trying on dresses. This did not happen today. Instead the mental break down came when trying on bras. I thought I would have made it all the way through the shopping trip without a drama but that’s just not how I roll. I did, however find the most beautiful outfit and I cannot wait to wear it to the wedding at the end of the month. I also totally embarrass myself when I came out of the changing rooms and hadn’t noticed my dress was caught in my knickers. Thankfully my mum saw and came to my rescue. I just hope nobody else saw or they would be scarred for life! 

We stopped for a coffee before carrying on picking up accessories and the last few bits. Despite the melt down it was a great shopping trip! 

We headed back home for another coffee and myself, Small Human and Man Child headed off to Megna Indian restaurant to meet a friend for dinner. The food is delicious and as I own the salon down the road from them we even got free drinks! 

It was Small Humans first Indian and she seemed to enjoy it! We never get anything spicy as we just can’t handle it so it was perfect for her to try. I’ve never been one to tolerate spicy food. Sometimes I can’t even eat BBQ sauce because the kick is so strong. I can’t understand how people can enjoy food that literally burns going in and burns coming out… She did get a bit loud and shouty towards the end so we finished with an ice-cream and headed back home! Great food, great atmosphere and great company! 

Popped Small Human into bed and she went down without a fight. This meant Myself and Man Child could relax on the sofa and unwind from a busy day! 

I’m going to get out of the bath now until I turn into something that resemble Jillian McKeith. 

Holly 😘

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A poorly Small Human 

I’ve got a poorly Small Human and a poorly me too. Although I don’t actually feel unwell I just can’t breathe through my nostrils. Small Human however has a bad cold and was very upset when she woke up this morning. 

After getting back from Holiday yesterday I already jumped straight back into the swing of things and headed into work. It’s been a very busy day with lots of the usual lovely clients and nothing much more to report! 

Small Human seemed much happier when I returned despite her snot covered face that I was constantly trying to wipe. 

She’s in bed snoring her head off and we are hoping she will feel better in the morning! 

Myself and Man Child just watched tonight’s episode of Britains Got Talent and it was incredibly boring. Out of all the acts shown only 1 didn’t make it through. They just put a ton of shit acts through as they usually do. Yet I can’t help but watch it! 

I’m off for an early night 😘