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A day of beauty! 

After my stressful rant yesterday I woke up this morning feeling completely refreshed. Small Human didn’t wake up until 9 and I was in such a deep sleep even when she did wake up I didn’t want to pull myself out of bed. 

We pottered around the house and around 11am she shouted at me “NU NIGHT” and pointed to the stairs. I said “it’s not bed time yet” and she replied with “YES” and threw herself on the floor in tears. I thought best to actually take her up to bed seeing as she was apparently so desperate for it! I’ve never known an almost 2 year old to actually tell you when they want to go for a nap! 

This meant time to sit infront of the TV and stick some slap on for work. I’ve got some serious brows going on but neither the time nor energy to get them sorted. 

Man Child arrived home from work and it was a quick hello and goodbye before I left myself. Treatments at work ensued and a meeting with our Make-up rep and I’m feeling pretty positive about the ranges new summer line.

 I saw 2 clients who came in a month ago to have our new gel extensions put on and neither of them even had a scratch on! They still looked perfect! 

I popped some new sets on and sent them on their way for another month! Hard work and education really pays off. Especially when you see a good result. Needless to say I’m feeling pretty chuffed 😌

My last client of that day was an Environ facial which meant a whole hour of peace and quiet. I always feel so sleepy after performing a facial or massage and it’s like a Therapy for myself in a way! 

I headed back home and cooked up some home made pasties that were made by my sister and Mum. They were damn good! All I need now is the recipe so I can make my own. 

Small Human is in bed and it’s time to relax with my Man Child. That is after we’ve cleared up the living room that now looks like a toy shop! 

Holly 😘


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