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Two tiny toddlers! 

Today was physiotherapy day. That and I had a special date with my sister in law! I was unsure if I was going to make it on time as there was a 2 hour delay on the M1 and a road closed on my route! I managed to find another way to go but it still took me just under an hour! 

I had a swift cuppa and headed off to Physo leaving Small Human to reek havoc with her cousin. 

Physio was great and I did feel a bit clearer after and the headfog seemed to subside a bit. I had acupuncture on my back, shoulders arms and hands. Now I have pain in my fingers…is that normal?

I arrived back to my Sister in Laws and was provided with a delicious bacon and egg sandwich and a cup of tea! She certainly is an amazing woman! Not only does she look after my Small Human on a regar basis and in times of need but she also feeds and waters me. Everyone knows the way to my heart is straight through my stomach! 

Both Tidy Toddlers were getting grumpy. Especially when B was told he wasn’t allowed in the toy box multiple times. So we headed off for a long walk to willen lake.

The conversation was flowing despite Small Human whinging the whole way there. B was a good boy and slept most of the journey! She could learn a few things from that one! 

We stopped for a drink in the pub by the lake and walked down to the park to set the tiny Toddlers loose. 

They seemed to enjoy themselves up until the point B got hit by a moving swing and Small Human face planted into the dirt when coming down the slide. Time to head back. 

They both had a bag of baby popcorn which Small Human spilt all over herself and the buggy. I took the remainders down to the lake to the ducks and as I threw them the wind blew them straight back at me! 

By the time we made it back it was already 4pm and time to pack Small Human into the car and get home for a nap. Only a half an hour nap though as it was already getting late. 

Stir fry chicken noodles was on the menu for tonight’s dinner and it was a bit of playtime and off to bed for Small Human. I am shattered! Time to relax with Man Child and get an early night! 

Holly 😂


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