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Family time, shopping and an Indian! 

First off I would like to start by saying I am currently writing this whilst in my bath tub and DAMN its hot. I always do this. Put was to much hot water in and then spend the majority of my time sweltering to death rather than cleaning my body like I’m meant too! So I thought it was a great time to write today’s instalment. Hopefully I will make up through without passing out! 

This morning Small Human woke up at 6:20. What even is that time? Certainly not a time to be awake. I made her a bottle and she went back to bed until half 8 which was much more acceptable! We got up and dressed, ate breakfast and watched the usual Paw Patrol. I hope she becomes interested in another programme soon because I don’t know how much more I can take before I decide to rip my own eyeballs out. 

My dad popped in for a cuppa and a catch up this morning and Small Human was being extra cuddly which was lovely to see. 

She was not happy when he left and burst out crying! It’s very sad to watch but wonderful she has an attachment to him. 

Not long after he left my mum turned up. We had a drink and headed into Northampton for some shopping. If you’re a regular reader here then just over a week ago you’ll remember me saying about my mental break down whilst trying on dresses. This did not happen today. Instead the mental break down came when trying on bras. I thought I would have made it all the way through the shopping trip without a drama but that’s just not how I roll. I did, however find the most beautiful outfit and I cannot wait to wear it to the wedding at the end of the month. I also totally embarrass myself when I came out of the changing rooms and hadn’t noticed my dress was caught in my knickers. Thankfully my mum saw and came to my rescue. I just hope nobody else saw or they would be scarred for life! 

We stopped for a coffee before carrying on picking up accessories and the last few bits. Despite the melt down it was a great shopping trip! 

We headed back home for another coffee and myself, Small Human and Man Child headed off to Megna Indian restaurant to meet a friend for dinner. The food is delicious and as I own the salon down the road from them we even got free drinks! 

It was Small Humans first Indian and she seemed to enjoy it! We never get anything spicy as we just can’t handle it so it was perfect for her to try. I’ve never been one to tolerate spicy food. Sometimes I can’t even eat BBQ sauce because the kick is so strong. I can’t understand how people can enjoy food that literally burns going in and burns coming out… She did get a bit loud and shouty towards the end so we finished with an ice-cream and headed back home! Great food, great atmosphere and great company! 

Popped Small Human into bed and she went down without a fight. This meant Myself and Man Child could relax on the sofa and unwind from a busy day! 

I’m going to get out of the bath now until I turn into something that resemble Jillian McKeith. 

Holly 😘


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