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A poorly Small Human 

I’ve got a poorly Small Human and a poorly me too. Although I don’t actually feel unwell I just can’t breathe through my nostrils. Small Human however has a bad cold and was very upset when she woke up this morning. 

After getting back from Holiday yesterday I already jumped straight back into the swing of things and headed into work. It’s been a very busy day with lots of the usual lovely clients and nothing much more to report! 

Small Human seemed much happier when I returned despite her snot covered face that I was constantly trying to wipe. 

She’s in bed snoring her head off and we are hoping she will feel better in the morning! 

Myself and Man Child just watched tonight’s episode of Britains Got Talent and it was incredibly boring. Out of all the acts shown only 1 didn’t make it through. They just put a ton of shit acts through as they usually do. Yet I can’t help but watch it! 

I’m off for an early night 😘



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