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Caister-on-sea holiday day #2 

Whoever said a holiday was a break clearly didn’t have any children! I am EXHAUSTED

Someone woke me up at the crack of dawn this morning and it wasn’t Small Human. It was infact Man Child who was overly excited to go swimming! Just 5 more minutes please! 

I finally gave in and got up. Heading off down to the pool for a swim. Small human loved it! So much so she didn’t want any help walking in the water and instead decided she wanted to walk on her own all the way up to her neck. Which she found was hilarious. That was until she laughed, lost her balance and took a dunk straight under. Never the less she did not take this as a failure and continued to do the same over and over again. Screaming in anger anytime myself or Man Child tried to save her from drowning! 

After swimming we headed back to our home on wheels and put her down for a nap. She didn’t want a nap so I ended up getting her up. You’ve won this round little one. We headed into Great Yarmouth for the afternoon there’s plenty to do down there but it’s been pretty cold and windy today so what better than a trip to the sea life centre. 

She won a medal that says ‘I touched a starfish’ but it’s a LIE! She did not touch a starfish. She simply looked at one. But I touched a startfish and did I get a medal? No I didn’t! 

We all enjoyed the fishes and scary sea creatures. However I am petrified of the ‘underwater tunnel’ and I can never physically stay in one. I don’t mind small spaces at all but being in a small glass hallway with tons of water and sharks swimming over your head just sends me over the edge. I quickly shuffled through and waiting for Small Human and Man Child to meet me on the other side! 

We popped into the amusements to spend some cash on the coin machines. You can’t possibly go to the seaside and not spend all your 2p’s collecting small shitty toys and sweets which have possibly been there for months! All in the name of fun. 

We were going to go to the model village until it began to rain. Instead we grabbed some doughnuts and sat on a grass patch to eat them. God damn pesky pigeons were everywhere! Small Human thought this was great and chased them round. Birds used to be afraid of humans once upon a time but now they literally do not give a shit how close you are! 

Back to the caravan we went to get Small Human for a sleep and this time she actually gave in and had a long snooze! Myself and Man Child readied ourself for the evenings events down at the ‘club’ and once Small Human arose we made our way down. 

I have a tip for all you parents out there when it comes to keeping an eye one your child in a sea of other Small Children. 

Incase you loose your small human or simply just forget what they look like just stick a large glow stick in their top and send them on their way. That way if you can’t see them you’ll always know where they are due to the yellow aura surrounding them. 

It was a late night for Small Human this evening and we didn’t get back to the caravan until 10! I’m suprised she’s been so well behaved considering she must be shattered. Even I can hardly keep my eyes open! 

Off to bed 😘



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