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All about the nails! 

Yesterday I wrote my blog and actually forgot to post it. That’s what you get for constructing one at 10 to midnight! So today will again be another 2 posts in 1! 

Yesterday morning myself and Small Human played for most of the morning before she went for a really long nap! This gave me the opportunity to not only do my makeup but also my hair. It makes a change from the usual bun head that I am sporting today. 

Man child got home from work and I headed into the salon. I don’t usually take bookings for a Friday but I had a couple of people I wanted to squeeze in before my holiday next week. I am in high demand these days! 

I actually had time in between to do my own nails. En Vouge gel extensions with Shellac colour, flower water decals and Magpie Beauty chrome powder. One of my clients in the week had this colour and I knew straight after I had her that it would be what I would have next. 

I got home fairly late as I usually do on a Friday and Man Child had dinner waiting for me. We caught up with 13 reasons why and only had one episode left which we watched today. It is a programme that pulls at my heart strings and one with a very powerful meaning. 

Onto today. 

Small Human and Man Child were fast asleep when I got up to get ready for work. But this was short lived when she woke up just as I sat down to put my slap on. At least I managed a shower in peace. She sits on my lap usually whilst I’m applying my makeup and she even knows how to use a beauty blender 😂 what have I started! 

I got into work nice and early to prepare for the day and as both my therapists were off it was very quiet in the salon. Don’t get me wrong I was fully booked but I felt that it lacked the usual atmosphere and craziness of a Saturday. 

Nail art is becoming increasing popular again now the weather is getting warmer. Above is Shellac polish with Magpie Beauty chrome powder and butterfly water decals. I could honestly sit and paint nails for hours! 

Homeward bound around 4 for the usual afternoon of mucking around with Small Human, cooking dinner and bathing her for bed. 

She did get sent to the naughty step twice this evening. Once for trying to carry the kitchen bin around. When I told her it needed to stay in the kitchen she screamed and pushed it over. The second time was from throwing her food on the floor at dinner time which she knows she isn’t allowed to do. I took her for a bath which was again a disaster. The second I put her in she screams the house down and I can see and feel the fear in her. It’s devastating! Drama over and she is fast asleep cuddling Gwenguin. 

We just watched the last episode of 13 reasons why and I have to admit it was a difficult one to watch. It did make me cry…a lot! But it’s a brilliant programme and I urge anyone who hasn’t seen it yet to give it a chance! 

We’re sat playing The Binding of Issac and it’s only 2 more sleeps till our holiday!! 

Holly 😘


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