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Makeup,tantrums and hot chocolate

Evening all! 

Somehow my make up this morning ended up slightly more gothic than I had intended. 

However I am not mad at this at all. Although I tend to wear a lot of make up daily and I’m a full coverage kind of girl I’ve been in the habit of wearing fairly neutral tones. Today I changed it up a bit and went for dark lips and dark eyes. I managed to create this look whilst Small Human had an early nap. In the first 20 minutes of being awake she had already thrown multiple tantrums for many stupid reasons. Firstly because I changed her nappy. Then because I brushed her hair. Then she got angry that I wouldn’t let her run around with a pen. This was followed by a full on screaming fit because I wouldn’t let her play with a cereal box that had bees on it.

 The list goes on. It was a tiresome morning that’s for sure and I was glad to get a bit of me time to put my slap on and get prepped for work. 

Once she woke up lunch was consumed and it was time for us to jump in the car to go to work. I took Small Human with me and met Man Child there. That way I could get into work slightly earlier to get ready for the busy day ahead! I had all lovely clients again today and did a mixture of treatments along with beginning to sort out our bomb site that we call a kitchen. 
I arrived home to dinner in the oven and Small Human playing in the living room. It’s a good job it was that was around and not the dinner on the living room floor and Small Human in the oven. That would have been an interesting turn of events. Before I knew it she was off to bed! I honestly don’t know where the time goes! 

Myself and Man Child sat down to watch some TV with a cup of white hot chocolate. We’ve run out of sugar and teabags so no tea for us.


‘Better call Saul’ and ’13 reasons why’ were on the agenda for this evenings entertainment and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Better call Saul was a slow episode compared to the previous 2, however it does feel like it’s setting the scene for the rest of the season. 13 reasons why is still just as gripping and we are now on episode 9. I’m so impatient when it comes to programmes that release the entire season together. I just want to binge watch the whole lot! 

Man Child has gone to bed and guess what I’m doing? Yep! Watching some shit TV! 

Night 😘



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