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A pj morning and Safari MK! 

Small Human woke up at 6am this morning and was on and off sleeping until 8. Every 20 minutes I was going in to pick that damn penguin up off the floor to give to her. I swear one of these days I’m going to burn it to ash. I didn’t get her up at 6 because she still looked so tired. Something must have been making her unsettled. We did eventually get up despite my best efforts to get her back to sleep and we spent the majority of the morning in our pjs. The best way to spend a Sunday I would say. Man Child was working over time again although he was home by 12. We had some lunch and headed of to safari Mk! 

We ran around with Small Human for almost 2 hours before she flung herself on the floor and screamed the place down. Definitely a sign to get her home and down for a nap! 

We had a pretty relaxed evening playing games and catching up with ’13 reasons why’. Man child is off for an early night so I have a date in front of the TV with a cuppa! 

See you tomorrow! 

Holly 😘


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