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Indoor play day! 

Today has been a lazy day. After Small Human puked her guts up last night I didn’t feel to great myself when I woke up. I thought it was probably best we stayed at home and let our stomachs rest! 

We did make it out in the garden for a play but that’s about as far as we could manage. 

Small Human spent most the time putting tiny rocks in her pocket and being fascinated by a twig… she’s a special one that’s for sure. 

She napped for well over 3 hours earlier so I sat in front of the TV and did not move. We both seemed to feel a bit better this afternoon. I’ve got my fingers crossed that today was the end of it and there will be no more sickness! 

Man Child is out this evening and I am getting cosy of the sofa with a sudoku book and a cuppa! 

That’s all from me on this fairly bland day! 

– Holly 😘


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