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Physio, work and puke…

DON’t READ IF YOU DON’T LIKE PUKE. What a day it’s been! 

It began with an early start with Small Human and a super productive morning! I’m unsure of where this motivation has come from but I like it! Man Child seems to like it too as I even ironed his shirt for him! 

I travelled down to the physio for yet another session. However this is the first session I’ve had in almost a month and I’ve been struggling again the past week and a half with migraines and face pain. The therapist was really encouraging though and really went in on my neck. She did a bit of accupuncture as well. 

I felt completely spaced out and like I was floating on a cloud afterwards. However my head and face feel like they could explode! I’m hoping this is a good sign as I can already feel all the tension leaving my body. I’m hopeful yet again that I will have an improvement over the next couple of weeks. It’s been difficult feeling so unwell for so long to have physio and feel amazing to then end up back an square one! 

I popped into muffins cafe to grab a sandwich before  heading into work! Work was really good today. I had mostly waxing clients a long with some nails and I just want to take a moment to appreciate this beautiful colour! 

The perfect colour for my client who is off on holiday at the weekend. I’m thinking I may have to have this myself next time round! 

I finished work and traveled across Milton Keynes to collect my Small Human for her Auntie and Uncles house. I was told she an angel today but she had refused to eat her dinner. She’s not been 100% the past few days. I got her in the car. Headed on down the M1 and she’d fallen fast asleep. 2 minutes later she opened her eyes, let out a cry and projectile vommited all over herself and the car seat! It wouldnt have been such an issue but about half a mile down the road we got stuck in stand still traffic for 20 minutes. There I was desperate for a wee. Not moving an inch with a puked covered, fast asleep baby and the smell of sick and cheese circulating around the car. 

Even poor Gwenguin was smothered in stomach acid. The traffic finally began moving and I drove as fast as the speed limits would allow me back home. I managed to carry Hazel in the car seat into the kitchen without waking her up. I didn’t even know where to begin with cleaning her up. I washed Gwenguin in the sink and chucked her in the tumble dryer before tackling Small Human. That way she would be dry enough for Small Human to have in bed. Half an hour later and she was all cleaned and popped in her cot. Where she stood up and puked again all over the floor. She hasn’t been sick again since so I’m hopeful this is the end of it now. 

After all the drama I settled for beans on toast for dinner followed by some white chocolate. 

It’s time to relax now and keep our fingers crossed that Small Human doesn’t vomit again! 

See you tomorrow 



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