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Work time and 2 funny toddlers! 👶🏼👶🏼

Yesterday I completely forgot to say my mum got me a scratch card and a bottle of bubble bath for Easter. I won 20 quid! My poor sisters didn’t win anything! Gutted!
I literally LOVE Treaclemoon bath products. They smell so good. This is the first time I’ve had the marshmallow one and it smells like a little drop of heaven! These go a long way and you only need a tiny drop for mountains of bubbles! 
Seeing as I had a lie in yesterday I treated Man Child to one this morning. I managed to bathe, get dressed, dress Small Human. Clean the house and have breakfast all before he woke up! I am superwoman! Okay, okay so there wasn’t that much to do but seeing as I was up nice and early it was a productive way to start the day. 

Small Humans outfit was an Easter gift from my Nan and it is beautiful! A beautiful dress to suit a beautiful girl. 
I attempted to put her for a nap before we all left for work as she was going over to spend some time with her uncle and cousin this afternoon. But I failed. She did not want to sleep. She just wanted to throw poor Gwenguin out of her cot and scream at the top of her lungs until we gave in and got her up. 
I went to work nice and early and left Man Child to deal with our stroppy daughter and post her off to her cousins. It gave me time to get stuff sorted after a long weekend off and prepare for a busy afternoon of clients. I ordered a ‘Nail Trainer’ for the salon so we can practice our gel extensions and nail art. I’m not sure we will have much time to use it as we are all very busy at the moment but it’s great to use when you have half an hour spare. 

It’s pretty damn creepy. It looks like something out of a sci-if horror movie! 

My brother in law to be sent me updated photos of Small Human and her cousin B playing together and taking a car ride to Woburn deer deer park. Although they were apparently both fast asleep by the time they got there! I headed off from work to collect her and as soon as I walked in the door she threw herself on the floor in a rage. B copied her and fake cried also flinging himself onto the floor. Small human thought this was hilarious and climbed on his back and he proceeded to crawl around like he was a horse and she was a cowgirl. They were both giggling their heads off. That was until they both led on the floor and banged their heads together resulting in many tears. I thought it was best we headed on home. 
Shes all snuggled up and fast asleep which meant myself and Man Child could catch up on this weeks ‘Better call Saul’. I have had high hopes for this series due to it being a spin off of ‘Breaking bad’ but the first 2 seasons we a struggle to get through. That can’t be said for season 3 as it’s really picked up and I feel like I’m hanging on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next thing to happen! We’ve seen the arrival of a previous character and things are definitely getting more interesting! 
Man Child has headed upstairs to play on his NerdStation and I’m having some me time with some shitty tv and an Easter egg! 
Catch you tomorrow 
-Holly 😘


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