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Playtime in the park and the return of the migraine! 

Today began so well and ended so badly!

Myself and Manchild headed straight out this morning to my dads house where we were welcomed with tea and crumpets! Delicious! We played with my niece who has grown up so much recently and I can’t believe she is going to be 8 soon! Where has that time gone! 

She was very entertaining and helped look after Hazel and shared all of her toys! She is such a pleasure to be around and I enjoyed every moment spent there! 

We took a walk to the park to have a play on the swings. It was fairly overcast today but not particularly cold! 

After some ‘parkour’ as mills calls it we headed back to my dads for some tuna sandwiches. Mmmm! Lots more tea was consumed and before I knew it it was already 3pm and time to take Small Human home for a nap. On the drive back I started to feel really unwell despite feeling fine all day and then BAM a migraine. 

It’s so frustrating because physio has been helping so much that I’ve come off my migraine tablets only a week ago today and now I’m feeling the effects again! I’m unsure if I should start the tablets again or wait until I see my physiotherapist with the hope that this is just a one off! It’s left me feeling pretty deflated and like I’m back to square one! 

I went for a nap when Man child came back and after eating some Spag Bol I’m feeling a bit better! I still have that fuzzy feeling and I’m hoping it will be gone by the morning! At the moment it just feels like one problem after another. When will it end! 

I’ll be getting an early night tonight as I have work tomorrow! 

Holly 😘


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