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Emberton Park ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸŒบ

Evening all! I hope you’ve all had a good weekend. It’s Sunday today which means it’s the first day of my weekend whereas for most people it’s their last!

Man child was working overtime this morning so myself and small human got up and headed straight over to my mums house! It’s been hot again today so we took advantage of the lovely weather and played in the garden! 

We spent all morning there and the majority of the early afternoon before Manchild came over from work! 

My poor mum has caught our illness and wasn’t feeling her best although she still managed to come to Tesco with us and get Hazel some new clothes and shoes! Cheeky! 

We headed off for an afternoon at Emberton Park. It’s beautiful there but my god it was busy! Cars and people EVERYWHERE! I made Man Child drive to 3 different locations until I was happy with one! Anyway first stop was the gravel pit! 

After playing in here Hazel was covered in orange sand! (When I got her home all these bits of gravel were in her pants! No wonder she cried the whole way home. Must have been super uncomfortable!) 

We ventured from the gravel pit to the sand pit and then back to the area our car was parked to sit by the lake and soak up the sun! 

It’s so lovely to spend time together as a family! Myself and Man child don’t get a lot of time together due to our work schedules so we really have to appreciate afternoons like this one! 

We sat with Small Human by the lake where she was chucking stones into the water and enjoying the ‘plop’ sound! 

She was a mixture between grumpy and happy this afternoon which makes it a bit of a challenge but she was her most happy just sat there infront of the water! I too can appreciate this sound. 

It’s days like today I sit and reflect on how truly lucky I am to have such a wonderful life! 

We ended up coming home around 5pm as I think we had all had enough sun for one day! I bathed Small Human and removed the sand from her buttcrack whilst Man Child cooked up some grub. Small human had a funny half an hour running around the front room playing hide and seek with me before going off to bed! 

My Man Child popped to the shop to get some teabags as we had run out and you know us Brits can’t live without a cuppa! It was bad enough I didn’t get one first thing when I woke up this morning but not to be able to have an evening brew! What a catastrophe that would have been! 

We’re playing games now and winding down for a good, fun and very energetic day! 

Holly ๐Ÿ˜˜


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