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Picnicing ๐ŸŒน

I’m unsure really how to start this blog post today. Ive been at home with Small Human most of the day. Would you believe we still aren’t well! I’m unsure if this is the same illness or a new one. What I do know is that I’m fed up with it and hope it will hurry up and fuck off! 

Manchild has it too. Although I’m calling his ‘man child’s, man flu’. He’s feeling all sorry for himself so I let him have an extra long lie in to recover. Whilst he was asleep I proceeded with the morning clean. Which 5 minutes later ended up a mess thanks to small human. I have taught her how to say ‘peas’ although it more or less sounds like she’s saying ‘piss’… oops 

Once manchild left for work we went to do the weekly food shop. I actually only needed a couple of bits but came away with a trolley full! This always happens. I then went to the chemist to get something for my finger because every time I touch something it bleeds! It is now all wrapped up and free from any danger! 

We got home and had a mini picnic in the garden as the weather was great and I hear it’s only going to improve over the weekend! 

There’s nothing better than a small human getting dirty in the garden and exploring new things. She even tested out the flavour of mud. Hence the dirty face…she did not approve. 

I put her to bed after a good scrub in the bath and ended up falling asleep on the sofa myself! 

Manchild is home and we’ve had home made curry for dinner to help battle our colds. Fingers crossed I will be able to breathe through both nostrils in the morning! I will be getting an early night tonight although I’m unsure how much sleep I will get as I have a training course in the morning that I am extremley excited about! 

That’s all for today! 

Holly ๐Ÿ˜˜


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