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Poorly finger and Easter nails! ๐Ÿ’…

I sliced my god damn finger open! It finally stopped bleeding after 5 hours! What a bitch. I was opening a nail stamper at work and it slipped and sliced straight through my skin! For you who don’t know what a nail stamper is it’s basically a sheet of metal with indented prints on it for nail art. It comes with a stupid plastic covering you need to peel off before you can use it and as I tore it away the metal side sliced into my finger. 

Pardon my filthy nails! 

Anyway this morning I went to work early to let one of my girls in and proceeded to do some nail art to pass the time before my clients arrived. It was actually really nice to have some space to do something artistic! I popped out around half 11 for a physio appointment but it was more of a review than actually having something done. This time I have to go back every 2 weeks rather than every week so that’s a positive! I grabbed a baguette from Muffins. Chicken Mayo and cucumber obviously. And scoffed it when I got back to work! This was just before the finger incident occurred. I had a great mixture of clients this afternoon/evening. Eyelash extensions, nails, threading and facials! A well rounded work day I would say! 

The rest of it was pretty uneventful. I made it through without bleeding on anyone. Always a plus. 

I headed back home to burgers made by Manchild and small human in bed going off to sleep! Man child has received our illness and he’s feeling all sorry for himself! It’s time to stick the kettle on and relax for the evening! 

Holly ๐Ÿ˜˜


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