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Shopping and Mu Mu’s 🐮 

What a day I’ve had! A really really good one! Firstly I had a lie in! Myself and Man child tend to take it in turns to have a little extra sleep when he’s on lates and today was my turn! By the time I got up he had already been to the shops with Hazel and I hadn’t even realised her had gone! I readied myself for a full on day of shopping and eating… what other way would you spend a day off! 

I was waiting for Small Human to wake up for ages so we could go out! This seems like a regular occurance. She likes to sleep at the most inconvenient times. 

Finally around half 1 she arose from her slumber and we headed straight out to collect my younger sister for some shopping for her birthday. First stop costa mmmmm! 

Small human spent most of the time playing peekaboo and reaching for marshmallows. Healthy! We headed into boots to begin with where I purchased a plethora of make up…this is my biggest downfall to shopping! I just can’t help myself. 

I fell in love with Max factors new packaging range only to find out when I got home that it’s only the plastic bit you remove that had the new print on and not the actual bottles! How unfair! 

We popped into a few other shops to get some bits and before we knew it we had already been there 3 hours. We headed to the car with our ticket in hand to find out the parking cost £2.40 and between us we only had £2.35. I had to bother some lady for 5p only to discover the machine didn’t take them. Jess ran down to Sainsbury’s to change them into a 20p although she said the woman wasn’t particularly happy about having to swap money for her. I mean it’s 20p for gods sake! Good job we left when we did because I had a message from Twin saying she was on her way! 

Finally we sat down for a cuppa before Kathryn arrived and watched small human run around like a plonker with no trousers on! Once she went to bed all 3 of us sat in a row doing our make up and giving each other application tips. 

Man child got home early from work so we could venture out to Mu Mu’s for dinner! 

We had great food and great conversation but now I feel like a beached whale and I think I need a lie down to rest this food off my gut! Didn’t help that I had a massive milkshake before I even started eating. I only managed to devour roughly a quarter of that pizza. 

All in all I’ve had a brilliant day and it’s back to work nice and early in the morning! 

Holly 😘


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