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Mother and baby day!ย 

Hi peeps ๐Ÿ‘‹

I’ve had a non stop busy day today but it’s been great! 

Firstly I was treated to a lie in by Manchild this morning and I really really needed it. I woke up feeling a million times better after a full night sleep. I can’t say the same for him as he had to get up with small human this morning at 6:30am! 

Before he left for work I popped to the shops to grab some bits and when I came home I took Hazel to Toys R Us to get a new high chair. There’s nothing wrong with her old one I just loved the new one my mum got for her house and had to get one too! I did realise when we got there that I’d taken her out in her slippers ๐Ÿ˜‚

Once we got home it was time for lunch and Small Human definitely had fun in her new chair. How can a simple piece of furniture please so many people. Simple things please simple minds so they say! 

After lunch we were going to head out for a walk but Small Human was so moody she went for an early 2nd nap and we played in the garden before we headed to the Drs for an appointment about my migraines. 

My appointment went really well and I’ve finally be allowed to stop taking my tablets. Which is great news because I’ve been struggling to loose my baby weight since being on them and this will help as they have steroids in them. Shame I just got chubs and not super muscly! I was literally in there for a total of 3 minutes. I took the opportunity to take Hazel for a walk round stony rivers seeing as we had missed out earlier and the weather was too nice not too! This time she had her proper shoes on! 

We got home for jacket potatoes for dinner. Bath and bed! I even got round to dying my hair for the first time in ages. I’ve gone back to red again because I get bored of brown so quickly! 

Last night myself and Manchild were watching ‘split’ the new M Night Shyamalan movie about a kid napper with multiple personality disorder. However, 40 minutes in and we realised we were watching a film about bowling. A love film with terrible acting. I don’t know how it took us so long to realise we were watching the wrong one! Idiots. So tonight when he gets home we will be watching the correct one along with the final episode of walking dead! 

Holly ๐Ÿ˜˜


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