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Nails and a crazy baby! 

Good evening chums! 

Great night sleep last night and hopeful for another one this evening! 

I had work nice and early this morning and I was fully booked all day. As per usual! It went so fast 6 hours was done and dusted in what felt like 2! 

I did some gorgeous coloured nails today and this pastel yellow is a beaut! Especially as it was done on one of my favourite ladies 😘 

I needed to take a trip to Argos to pick something up however my Manchild had already gone and got it for me! I can’t reveal what it is due to it being a gift for a certain younger sibling of mine whose birthday is next week! So I headed straight home from work forgetting to get petrol on the way which means I will need to stop off with Hazel on our adventures out tomorrow. 

I nearly died laughing at the dinner table this evening. Small human had a red pepper on her plate which I can only assume she believed was tomato ketchup as she kept attempting to ‘dip’ her food into it the whole time. Honestly little people can be so dumb and highly entertaining at the same time. 

She had a hyperactive hour after dinner running around like an absoloute loon. 

All is done with the evening routine and myself and Manchild settled down to watch unbreakable so I can finally watch the sequel split! Although I’m going to have to wait for him to watch it with now and seeing as we work opposite shifts it’s hard for us to get a movie night in these days! 

That’s all I have today 😘

Holly x 


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