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Oh poo. 💩

I’ve got a long post coming up from you guys this evening so enjoy! 

Small human slept through the night. Praise the lord hallelujah!! 🙏 which means I FINALLY got a full nights sleep and damn I felt good for it! I did not want to leave my slumber this morning when she woke up. I wanted to stay in my little nest for hours! I began walking towards small humans room (usually the way I get there. Other methods include crawling and rollie pollies but I wasn’t feeling that energetic) when a very strong and unpleasant smell came over me. I walked in praying and hoping that she hadn’t crapped everywhere. Then shock horror. I saw it. Shit. Everywhere. This is not the first time it’s happened and I’m certain it won’t be the last. Thankfully this time she hadn’t played with it and smeared poo hand prints all over her cot. The joys of being a parent. All cleaned up, stinky poo in the bin and dirty bedding in the wash. That certainly woke me up quickly. The stench of child droppings literally burning holes in your retinas is definitely one way to way to kick start you into a motivational morning. 

The house cleaning commenced whilst small human ate her breakfast and watched…paw patrol. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. Oh no wait. You did! I felt like bloody Kim woodburn scrubbing and tidying my home for 2 hours straight! I even had the bun to match but I won’t shock you with photographic evidence! 

I popped Small Human into bed and got myself ready for work. I don’t usual work Fridays but I have been going in a lot more recently for admin work. I however didn’t do ANY admin today. Instead I gave the salon a good old face lift. Building IKEA furniture is my specialty. Not that it’s particularly difficult but I do find a sense of accomplishment after screw bits of wood together. 3 shelving units I put up and arranged. 

Our manicure area is looking much tidier and more organised now and I have a VERY exciting training course next Saturday to put this area to good use! It’s all coming together very nicely! I feel like I’ve had a very productive afternoon and evening! 

I headed back home around 8. Grabbed some dinner and I’m now sat writing my blog with a cuppa in hand and watching Manchild play The Binding of Issac. My personal favourite and most addictive game of all time! 

I’m off to work again early in the morning! 

Holly 😘


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