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I feel ALIVE! 


Today I feel ALIVE! Which makes a huge change from the past 2 weeks or so. Granted I do still look like something out of the walking dead and my eyes are still a bit puffy from exhaustion. Maybe a little from watching so much paw patrol but I woke up feeling completely refreshed. 

When I got small human out of bed she so kindly pointed out a ‘Cider’ to me. That’s a spider incase you couldn’t work it out. She proceeded to lean forward touch the spider and smush it into the floor! 

Thankfully I didn’t get its murder on tape. I’m also not too sure why she thinks a spider and a snake go ‘sssssss’ 

All I did this morning was play with moody small human and stick some slap on ready for work. 

I call this my more ‘natural look’. Not that there’s anything natural about it and I still have layers of make up on but it is a lot more toned down than my usual day to day make up. Unfortunately no amount of make up could disguise the bags under my eyes! 💼 

On Mother’s Day small human (or more like Man child) bought me some Lindt chocolate balls. He then ate them all. I was pretty sure the only reason I was gifted this magical box of chocolates was more his benefit than mine. So this morning I took it upon myself to devour what was left of his minstrels. Pay backs a bitch. I’m not sure I should have had chocolate for breakfast but it was something that needed to be done! 

Small human was still fairly unwell today but man child took her for a nice walk in the sunshine and she had a little sleep on the way. I however couldn’t enjoy the sun and headed off to work. Although I must say I do enjoy work so it’s a win win situation! 

My bookings were manic and I just about managed to squeeze a ham and cheese sandwich down my throat inbetween to ensure I didn’t pass out on anyone. I had all lovely clients in today and just talked and talked non stop. This is an easy task for me as I have non stop, constant verbal diarrhoea! 

I headed back home and relaxed for the evening which is just what I needed! I’ve got lots to do tomorrow but I’m looking forward to being productive! 

Holly 😘


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