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Training day! 

Evening all! 👋

I had no post yesterday. This was down to feeling pretty unwell. I’ve been whacked out with a cold and bad chest along with spending the majority of the evening on Monday and early hours of the morning in hospital with Hazel. By the time I got home from work yesterday and sorted everything out  I was exhausted. I spent 2 hours sat by the toilet feeling like I was going to be sick. Thankfully I wasn’t and I think I just felt so unwell and tired that it made me feel like I was going to puke! 

Today has been a much better day despite still  feeling very shaky! I had an early morning start running around like a crazy person attempting to get myself and small human out of the house by 8am. Not an easy task at all. We did manage it though and i was off to take small human to my mums house! Today I was attending a CND Shellac training course in Peterborough as a model for one of my therapists. As we arrived I pulled up outside the house of the training centre and something seemed strange… there were no lights on and no cars on the drive. So we parked up and knocked on the door but there was no answer. We waited a minute or so before knocking again. Still no answer! I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see if I could get the ladies number only to realise we were knocking on house 32 and not 37! Oops! I’m just glad nobody was in to answer us. We would have looked like a right pair of plonkers stood there with out training kits asking to enter their home! We made it to the correct house just in time and we learnt a lot it was great to get some information for myself whilst also having my own nails done. Lots has changed in the past few years and I’m excited to put the new skills to the test! 

Busy busy day again! We headed back to the salon after to drop the kit off and I went home. Shoved some food in me and got in the bath for a nice chill. 

Now man child is out this evening and small human will not go to sleep. All I want to do is have half an hour to sit down and relax! Is that too much too ask? It’s been a real struggle this week and as soon as small human is asleep I will be off to bed myself! 

Holly 😘


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