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A baby cow! 

Today is Mother’s Day! I didn’t get a lie in because Man child was working over time. However I did wake up to this! 

How lovely! Half that box of chocolates has gone already…oops! 

Small human and I got ready this morning had a nice play in the bath and stuck some slap on!

My sisters and I went over to my mums around lunch time to celebrate and in true Holly fashion I forgot to take her gift… oops again! Last minute we decided to take a trip to the farm and man child met us there. The most amazing thing happened! Tons of people were crowded around an area where a preganant cow was giving birth! 

I managed to get a video but I won’t be posting it as it is fairly graphic! What an amazing experience. How sweet a pregnant cow becoming a mummy on Mother’s Day! 

It took a while for the calf to get up and walk but it’s incredible that roughly 10 minutes after birth they can do this! It was pretty hilarious to see it wobbling around for a while! 

Small human was getting pretty grumpy so we thought it was best to head off. I swung past my house to get my mums gift considering the farm is 2 minutes down the road and we all headed back to hers for a roast! 

I’m back home now and after a busy day I’m pleased to be back home and on the sofa where I belong! 

Holly 😘


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