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Good evening to you! 👋

Poor man child had to get up with small human at 6:30 this morning! I opted to stay in bed to get some extra sleep in before my super busy day at work! I didn’t feel much better when I woke up this morning and still woke up multiple times in the night. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up this morning to find a lung on the floor. Perhaps not surprised but definitely grateful! As the day has progressed I’ve started to feel a bit better and a lot less snotty! 

Off to work I travelled nice and early this morning . I was paying too much attention to my phone to notice Stuart was standing at the salon door pulling faces at me. When I looked up I almost crapped my pants! Can you imagine? A coughed up lung on the floor and dirty undies all before 10am! 

Work resumed and I managed to get my eyebrows and lip waxed. They were becoming unruly! I always jump when I have my lip waxed and I was trying to explain to Kelly (one of my therapists) that it makes me do an inside jump. Like my body doesn’t move but my insides do…don’t worry. She didn’t understand either! 

My last client was shellac on hands. One of my fave. Somehow I managed to crush one of my legs underneath the other and as I stood up my left leg was completely dead causing me to do an awkward trip over thin air. Twice! 

Man child took small human for a walk today and the weather was gorgeous. I love getting photo updates but I was sad I missed out on the adventure! 

Such a cutie! Around lunch time he sent me the picture below. 

Somehow during our walk the other day smakll humans hat knitted by her nanny went missing! Some person must have found it and stuck it in the tree! 😂

Finished work and headed home to get ready to go bowling! It was our friend Chris birthday today and we took a trip into Northampton for some 10 pin bowling! 

Thankyou Charlotte for the great company and to you both for helping me run around after small human. It was a great evening despite Hazel falling through a gap in the chair. As if that wasn’t bad enough I couldn’t reach her so I had to slide her underneath by her legs to get her out! Poor thing! 

I managed to loose terribly despite having the barriers up. Even at one point I threw the ball with such might and enthusiasm it bounced of the lane, over the barrier and into the gutter. Only I could do such a thing and I tell you I couldn’t have done it if I tried! 

This was Hazels first time bowling and she seemed to enjoy it. She even scored a strike! She gave us all motivation as she clapped every time we bowled. Even when I did the major gutter ball fail! 

We headed back home for a chill on the sofa and a salad because I’m a fatty and had a hot dog at the bowling ally! 

A fairly eventful day I would say! 😘



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