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Return of the green bin! 

Crisis averted! Green bin has been found and returned home safely. Turns out old man chap who lives next door had it. Bless him. He came round today to cut our grass. I like old people. 

Much of the same with illness today. I was scheduled to have a sports massage this morning but I was too unwell to even attempted it. Seriously who is too unwell for a massage! I took the towels into work that I had forgotten yesterday and when I got back I had a half an hour kip on the sofa before Man Child went to work. 

Hazel did a number 2 in the potty this after noon. What excitement…she clapped at herself all cuffed at what she had acheived. Ran over to the stairs and peed all over the bottom step and floor. One step at a time! 😂

She had a nice long nap which meant I could recharge on the sofa. Once she got up we played and played crawling in and out of her tunnel. She played and I watched! She repeated this so many times I actually felt dizzy! 

My twin popped in after work to see us and we consumed lots of tea and put the world to rights. Hazel made her read her the nursery rhymes book and I got a cute snap of them together! This was minutes before she ripped a page in her perfectly pristine book! 

I foolishly gave her a spoon to use for dinner which ended up in her covered head to toe in soup. That’s Hazel by the way. Not kathryn! So it was a baby wipe wash, a bottle and off to bed! (She’d already had one bath today!) She’s woken up a few times already from coughing. It’s heartbreaking seeing her so poorly but I certainly am enjoying the sleepy cuddles! 

Man child is out this evening for his brothers 30th and I so wished I could have been there because I am in need of a good night out and a hangover the following morning. I have opted for documentaries about women in prison who have babies and cold and flu tablets. 

That’s all for today. I’m grabbing an early night before an extremely busy day in the salon tomorrow! 

Holly 😘


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