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Sickness and tantrums! 

Hi all 👋

Today I am mostly sick! Thankyou to whoever it was that breathed their germs in my direction providing me with a cold! To be fair though you pick these bugs up anywhere. Small human also has a cold and I spent most of the day wiping snot off her face. Oh the joys of being a parent! 

Shortly after we got up this morning small human already needed a nap. So I took the opportunity and had a nap myself. When I awoke. (Or more correctly when Man Child came in and tried to wake me up) I had dribbled all over my pillow. Nice! That’s how you know you’ve had a good sleep. Although it’s not particularly pleasant waking up in a puddle of your own saliva! 

I decided I would spend all day in my pajamas! I managed to get Small Human dressed and then just gave up on myself! Which means no make up, scruffy hair and smelly pjs. Good job nobody came for a suprise visit. I was a sight to be seen (perhaps not seen) that’s for sure! 

Small human played most of the morning and early afternoon whilst I attempted to make it through my washing basket. 

2nd nap of the day doesn’t occur very often but today it was much needed. For her. Not for me. I could have slept the day away considering I feel like I have swallowed a porcupine backwards. But when you have a small human and a house to up keep I had no choice but to get on with some housework! 

Hazel woke up not long after I had put her down so we had some dinner and a bit more play time! She was quite unhappy this afternoon and did not like the fact I told her she could not bring baby for bath time. 


I have no idea where she has got this habit of throwing herself on the floor when she doesn’t get her own way. I think it’s just a thing little people do to express their anger! And express she did. All the way through bath time and all the way to bed. I supplied her with calpol, a dummy and of course gwenguin and I have fingers crossed she gets a decent night sleep! 

Man child is home from work and I’m in need of some serious TLC after the way I’ve been feeling today. So it’s blankets on the sofa and a catch up with Nurse Jackie. Oh and a lollipop. 

See you tomorrow! 

P.S my bin is still missing! Where for art though green bin! #prayforgreenbin #greenbinilongforyou

Holly 😘


4 thoughts on “Sickness and tantrums! 

  1. Oh my gosh, I about died laughing at her throwing herself down like that. Dramatic! Mine bends over at the waist and head butts the floor. Not usually hard enough to hurt herself, but to make her point. Hope you feel better!

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