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A funny video and the mystery of the green bin! 

Evening to you all 👋

This morning I had a lie in due to Manchild being on the late shift this week! Get in! I arose from my pit at 10am! What a lazy sort I am. I was greeted by Small Human running around the living room like a crazy person. This is a given in our house hold! Usual morning antics continued and whilst Small Human was sound asleep in her cot (I wish. She was in fact screaming over the side as gwenguin to a trip to the washing machine and we all know how she hates being apart from her favourite toy of all time) I mangaed to get the slap on and ready for work in no time! I only had to listen to her screaming for 15 minutes before she gave in and went to sleep. 

I’ve added a flat lay in the picture above of the make up I’ve used for today’s look. A slight change with a light purple eye shadow but everything is pretty much the same as I use every day! 

Man child stuck the kettle on and I inhaled a cup of tea before heading into work early! When I say inhaled I don’t mean I actually inhaled it up through my nostrils. For one this isn’t a very effective way of drinking a cuppa and also it would hurt like a bitch!

 I had a long to do list today but most importantly was applying my dip and buff acrylics. 

Okay so this wasn’t the most important thing on my list to do however as I was in 2 hours earlier I seized the moment to pamper myself! All things checked off my list and lots of happy clients later it was already time to head of to pick my small human up from her auntie and uncles! 

We had the most hilarious journey on the way home literally 20 minutes of making ridiculous noises at each other. The video below was purely for Man child’s entertainment but I’ve added it in with the hopes it may brighten up your day too! 

After we spent an additional 10 minutes just sat in the car being complete fools I popped her into bed with a clean gwenguin and a bottle and she was soon fast asleep. 

It was green and blue bin day this week. Both bins were out last night ready for collection this morning but I arrived home to only a blue bin! When the hell is my green bin! Someone has pinched it I’m convinced. Who in their right mind would do that. I’m so confused. Some people just want to watch the world burn! I will have to put my investigation skills to the test tomorrow to find out where it has disappeared too. I have 3 zillion bloody daffodils growing in my garden and nowhere to dispose of them now. I feel like a part of me is missing. Fear not green bin! I will find you and bring you home! #prayforgreenbin #therewillbejustice 

Man Child arrived home and dinner was served. We put yet another movie on as this is the only form of entertainment available when you have a small human in bed and not a lot else to do. We ended up dancing like lunatics around the living room to KISS. Man child was sporting a shirt, pants and a pair of socks. Bouncing around like a person with some perhaps questionable mental issues he didn’t leave much to the imagination. I’ll just leave that image out there. 

That’s all today. Thanks for reading 😘

Holly x 


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