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Safari MK and soggy pants! 🦆 

Evening chums! 👋

I’ve had a pretty full on day so this is going to be a long post! Small human woke up at a decent time this morning. 8am. Not to bad I would say considering she’s been an early riser for the past few weeks. I’m not looking forward to the clock change next weekend as it usually messes up the routine! I woke up feeling awful. I hardly slept last night due to being woken up from a bad dream and it took me ages to get back to sleep! My eyes were swollen and I felt like a zombie. When you’re a parent you don’t get time to rest and relax very often so we had a slow morning getting ready! 

We travelled into Milton Keynes to meet some friends and small humans at safari MK this morning. This is not actually a safari park but a play centre for little ones. It was my first time attending this one and we had so much fun. But my god I was exhausted after running around for 2 hours! 

Some how we managed to stop for a few short conversations in between running around after them! At one point we supplied them with food in order for us to sit down for 5 minutes to catch our breaths before running around again. I’m not sure the babies were too impressed with the snacks we bought along with us as they just seemed to eat each others! Sharing is caring as they say. After a whirl wind of climbing up stairs, running between swinging, dangling things (get your head out of the gutter), sliding down slides and playing with balls. I mean playing in the ball pit. It was time to head home!

Small child fell asleep in the car on the way home and I managed to transfer her from the car seat into her cot without waking her up! 

Once man child came home from the daily grind we had some lunch and headed off for a long walk down the canal! 

Jumping in puddles was first on the agenda for small human. Infact it was the only agenda! Her tights were soaked through within 0.3 seconds of leaving the house! Not that it matters because we had gone out to get messy anyway! I however came fully prepared in my wellies. Approximately 3 metres down the road I also decided to jump into a muddy puddle. Not anticipating the size of the splash due to my extra baby weight I jumped into the puddle with all my might completely drenching my legs straight through to my knickers! 

If at any point this afternoon you felt a small earthquake then you know where it came from. Sure I could have turned around and walked the 10 steps it takes to get back to my house and put some dry undies on but the sun was shining and I thought I would let Mother Nature do its work and dry my soggy pants. It was a great idea. Until my leggins dried and my pantaloons did not. 

We continued our walk down the canal thinking ‘screw it im already wet, let’s continue jumping in puddles until we are all drenched’ 

Man child and Small human with sticks in hands toddling down the river looking at nature and enjoying the sunny afternoon! It takes us a long time to walk anywhere with little one in tow however but we didn’t have anywhere to be! 

We walked back home to have a bath and get dried up! After Small human had a bath I took the opportunity to let her run around with no nappy on as she was very intereted in her new potty. She sat on it for 15 minutes whilst I read her a book. I’m trying to get her comfortable with the idea of sitting on it and not being afraid. So far so good. 

BUT THEN she got bored of the potty stood up. Walked around me. Crouched down on the floor. Looked deep into my soul and before I could realise what was happening she had peed all over my carpet! Typical. 

I scooped her up mid stream causing wee to go all over my legs. (This is the third time I have changed my trousers. Once from soaking myself in an attempt to have fun by jumping in a puddle. Twice from spilling a whole cup of tea over my legs and sofa and now urine. Perhaps I should have walked around naked all afternoon and saved myself some washing.) I placed her on the potty where she only had a small bit left to come out. We celebrated the pee and danced around clapping. Who know a day would come where I would be praising someone for relieving themselves in a tiny toilet. Okay so she didn’t actually have the initiative to go in there in the first place but at least I got to show her what it’s actually used for! 

After diner it was already time for her to go to bed. As much as I would have liked to keep her up to play more I know what that would  have meant for tomorrow. An unhappy small human! 

Man child and I have just finished watching the walking dead. This season started off so strong and has progressively gotten worse as the episodes have gone on. We only have 2 episodes left of the season and I’m hoping it will pick up! 

That’s all for today! I’m off for an early night! 😘

Holly x 


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