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An accidental shopping trip and a new potty! 🚽 

Evening all! 👋 I have just under an hour to get my blog in before the day is up! I’m finding it very therapeutic writing these daily blogs and I hope that most of you are enjoying them. If you’re not then why are you still reading? 

This morning antics consisted of cleaning. No real suprise there and playing with Hazel. Again not much of a shock! 

When Man Child came home from doing his over time at work we popped to the shop to get some milk and washing up tablets. A fairly straight forward trip! I ended up coming away with some batteries for Hazels bubble machine, a new bin and some canvas paintings for the house. Oops! I bumped into an old school teacher and had a quick chat and introduced her to my small human! She was my year 6 teacher and my favourite of all time! It’s been a good 15 years plus and she still recognised me! She hasn’t aged a bit and looks fantastic! 

Small human made the shopping trip fairly difficult by pulling everything off the shelves and trying to run into the chocolate isle. Who can blame her? She is my child after all! She did get distracted by carrying a large paw patrol soft toy around with her which I did not buy when we got to the till! How did I manage that without a tantrum? 

We arrived home and set up the bubble machine which kept her entertained for a long long time. Which is great! Until we ran out of bubble solution. She was NOT happy! 

We bought her a potty today too. We aren’t expecting her to be potty trained particularly soon but we thought it was a good time to introduce one as she likes to announce to us when she’s about to do a poo! Wish us luck! I took her nappy off and explained to her in clear words ‘wee wee goes in the potty’. She proceeded to walk over to her nappy I had just removed. Picked it up and put it in the potty. This was not what I meant! She looked straight up at me with a beaming smile as if to say ‘look mummy I found a potty training loop hole’. She’s a smart one that’s for sure! 

It was already time for bed and the day has passed me by at the blink of an eye. Myself and Man Child took all the cushions out of the front room and made an adult bed den to cosy down and watch the new ghostbusters film. It was hilariously awful and awfully hilarious at the same time. 👻 

It’s time to hit the hay as I have a baby play date with some friends tomorrow which is long over due! I am very much looking forward to it! 

Holly 😘


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