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Physiotherapy session #4 and and an MOT! πŸš—Β 

Evening all! πŸ‘‹

Obligatory morning selfie below. 

I woke up super early this morning. 6:20 to be exact! Because that’s what time Hazel decided she wanted to get up. I’m not sure you can even call this time ‘morning’ as it still felt like night time. I gave her a bottle of milk and she went back to sleep for roughly another hour. Winning! 

We got up. Dressed. Hair and make up done all whilst paw patrol was playing in the background to keep small human entertained! 

I dropped Her at my mums so I could go for another session of physio for my broken neck. It’s not actually broken but it may as well be! I felt good after and had a burst of energy! Travelled back to my mothers for some lunch and waited for man child to finish work before I headed in to work myself. 

Running your own business is great but not when the first item you opened from the many orders you’ve made was destroyed! I held this precious box in my hand overly excited at my new product and this is what I saw. 

So those of you who don’t know. These are my shiny new dip and buff acrylics. As you can see one of the activator bottles was completely broken destroying every other bottle in sight. I called the company who said I needed to fill out a returns form. A RETURNS FORM! How on earth am I meant to send this back? Firstly I wasn’t prepared to re package the items and send them back and secondly they stank. She did then explain to me that I didn’t actually have to send them back. It was just their procedure. Duh! I’m unsure as to why they couldn’t have dealt with this over the phone. I am now awaiting a response from them and I have a new product I can’t use! Not a happy bunny! Aside from that work was really good I finally managed to get on top of most of the things I needed to do and the rest I will finish next week! 

Half way through work I took my car for an MOT. I’ve known the guy who owns this shop for a long time and it was a pleasant suprise to see his partner there! I hadn’t seen them for a long time and somehow we ended up having a long an in depth conversation about how to perform a Hollywood wax. An interesting topic to having in a garage.

Luckily it passed! I’m unsure how as my car seems like a tin can on wheels these days. I sat in the waiting room for half an hour and just sat there and thought. It was nice to have some peace and quiet from busy life! Even if it is in the waiting room of a garage. Simple things please simple minds! I headed back to work for a few hours but I began to feel so lightheaded I ended up leaving an hour early to go home and lie on the sofa! 

When I arrived back Man Child was getting small human ready for bed and she was running around her room butt naked! She does make me laugh! She settled fairly quickly this evening which makes a change from the last couple of weeks! 

Myself and Man Child got cosy on the sofa and watched Shutter Island! Great film. He’s convinced I’ve watched it with him before but I can’t remember any of it. This does tend to happen when I watch movies though. I don’t think I REALLY watch them. I think I just sit there and watch the pretty colours for 2 hours! 

I’m off for an early night ready for work in the morning! 

See you tomorrow 😘



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