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Caterpillar brows and work! πŸ’…

Evening! πŸ‘‹

Today has been a good day! I peeled myself out of bed this morning when Hazel woke up wishing I just had 5 more minutes to sleep. She woke up twice in the night and this seems to be a regular occurance recently. So we read about 300 books and played in her room. (Or do I mean make a huge mess by getting every possible toy out of the cupboard and throwing it on the floor). Did the usual getting showered and dressed. I long for the day I can have a morning shower in peace and not have a little person staring at my bum saying ‘what’s that’. So I took the oppertunity once she was down for a nap to do my make-up. Shock. 

My eyebrows. They’re HUGE. Like 2 hairy catipillars balancing on my forehead just longing to cocoon themselves into beautiful butterflies. One day my dears. One day. So clearly I have had no time to get them sorted instead I’ve just gone with the over grown look. Just going to roll with it. I may not have had time to tame the beasts this morning but I did find the time to do my hair rather than shoving it up in a bun on the top of my head. Miracle! 

Anywhoooo I waited for man child to get back home so I could go to work. Days like this we are like ships in the night. Simply passing by one another on our way out the door. That is what it’s like when you both work and look after a small human! I’m not sure there will ever be a happy balance but we do what we have to in order to survive. If that’s even what you would call it! 

Work was really good. Busy as always! I had mainly pedicures today and a set of shellac nails. People always ask me if it bothers me touching people’s feet like they’re some sort of demon extension to the body that could attack at any given moment. But no it doesnt. I regularly perform Hollywood waxing so feet are more than welcome in my eyes! Talking of feet and eyes though I did recently cut a clients toenail which flung up into the air and hit me straight in the eye. I tried not to react as to save some dignity to myself and my client but we both knew it happened and there was no denying it. So we spent 5 minutes laughing and continued the treatment. Perhaps I should invest in some protective eyewear in the future! 

Placed yet another order for the salon which will hopefully be arriving tomorrow! And what arrived today? My eyelash perming kit. Exciting times! I may have some time to sort out my own nails tomorrow. One can dream. I only had a chance to file one hand today which means I have one hand with short square nails and one hand with long pointy dragon talons! Not a good look! All I need to do is pick a colour to have. But how do you choose when you have so much choice! 

There’s another rack of polishes but I couldn’t fit them all on the photo. 

Man child took small human for a walk today down the canal. When I say ‘took for a walk’ it makes her sound like a dog! Which of course she isn’t. But anyway he sent me the cutest photo. 

It certainly isn’t a walk with Hazel without having to stop and eat a biscuit! That may partly be my influence as I have been known to indulge in a buscuit or two. Alright maybe half a packet but I believe if nobody sees it happening then it doesn’t count! 

I left work and arrived home to small human in bed and a delicious quorn stir fry from man child. I even got a cup of tea! Not in the stir fry of course. That would be a soup. Not to mention it would taste rather questionable. Although I’ve never tried noodles smoothered in tea so who knows! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 

We’ve just binged watched some Nurse Jackie and Man child is of to bed ready for the last early start of the week. Who am I kidding? Every day with small human is an early start! I’m kicking back and relaxing infront of the TV and having some downtime! 

That’s all! Thanks for reading 😘

Holly x 


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