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A walk down the canal! πŸ¦†Β 

Evening all!  πŸ‘‹

This morning was fairly uneventful. The usual early morning start, breakfast and cleaning with small human! 

Once man child got home from work I went to go pick my sister Jess up from uni! We popped to Aldi. But couldn’t work out if it was open ot not as it had scaffolding all around it but no signs to say if it was open or closed! So we popped over to Lidl to grab some food for lunch and dinner! We had tuna sandwiches and pastries when we got back and went for a nice walk down the canal with Man Child! 

The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. Which makes a change from the freezing weather we have had recently! 

We walked up to the shop for a good old ice cream and then on to the park. Which actually had other people in it today! Jess and Man child seemed to enjoy their time at the park even more than Hazel did! 

On our way back home we took another stroll down the canal and fed the ducks! 

After lots of fun we headed back home for more play time with small human! I cooked up some delicious burgers and we’ve been sat for the past couple of hours looking at old photos on our phones and reminiscing about the good times! 

The evening continues with cups of tea and great company including a hilarious KFC advert and I quote ‘It wouldn’t be KFC without the chicken and we all know that’s what the K stands for’ I laughed so much I nearly cried! 

That’s all for today! 😘



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