Lunch,DIY and Nerves! 🍴 

Tomorrow. I am NOT looking forward to it. I have my eye appointment at 9:30 to see if I have melanoma in my eye or a freckle. I don’t know whether I want to cry or do a nervous poo. All I do know is that tomorrow I will have an answer and all the waiting and uncertainy will finally be over! 
So today began to a lovely start with small human she inialated my make up bag whilst I was trying to get ready. And in light of tomorrow’s anticipation and to perhaps reflect my feelings I went for a dark makeup look. 

I love this lip colour by Elizabeth Arden! It’s definitely my favourite at this moment in time! It’s so nice in fact my hair was even trying to get a peice! 

My day was brightened up but the gorgeous sunshine and warmer feel in the air! Myself and small human took a trip to see my dad where we had lots of laughs and some damn good pie cooked by my step mum Ali! Honestly it was so delicious I could have eaten the whole thing to myself! 

Ice cream,doughnuts and tea to follow! Hazel started getting ratty so it was time to head home for a nap! (For her. Not me. Although I do sometimes feel the need to take a mid aftenoon nap) 

Man child was already home by the time I got back and we were waiting for Hazel to arise so we could go for a walk but it ended up getting to late and we didn’t have a chance to go! We took the opportunity to put the shelves up on the other side of the fire place instead! These went up much smoother and we didn’t have any disasters like yesterday! 

I’m still suprised after all the DIY I’ve been doing as of late my nail extensions are still perfectly in tact! Not a single chip! Anyway all put up and ready for the finishing touches! 

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and it’s really coming together nicely! 

Now we are patiently awaiting the next episode of walking dead before bed! I doubt I will get much sleep tonight but I am hopeful for tomorrow having a positive outcome! 

See you tomorrow 😘



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