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An afternoon by the lake! πŸ¦†Β 

Hello there! 🀚 

My head hurt slightly more this morning that I was anticipating due to last nights drinks! I only had a couple but I definitely felt it this morning. Ah well ‘Up and At em’ I always say. Well actually that’s not what I always say. Infact it’s something I NEVER say. I’m more like ‘Noooo please just 5 more minutes’. My sleep is so precious to me and I don’t like it being taken away! πŸ’€ 

Anywhoooo…pottered around this morning and slapped on more of a natural look with the ol’ make up this morning. 

Didn’t have much time or energy with a hangover to do anything more that a bit of 

  • Foundation (Jane Iredale BB3) 
  • Translucent powder (No.7) 
  • Highlighted (Benefit) 
  • Blush (No.7) 
  • Brows (Tropic) 
  • Mascara (Elizabeth Arden) 
  • Lippy (Elizabeth Arden) 

After all we were only off for a walk round the lake and who needs a full face of makeup for that? πŸ’„
So after the process of getting myself and small human ready it was time to head off for an afternoon walk with Stefans dad and Niece! When we got there Elsiemae (small humans cousin) was fast asleep in her pushchair! So for the first half of the walk she dozed and I couldn’t help but wish I was the one fast asleep being pushed around in the fresh air! πŸ’¨ 

As you can see in the background small human and Man child were enjoying the playground equiptment. I’m around 99% sure this was more fun for him than it was for her! 

So half way round and Little Elsie woke up! So they both had a bit of lunch and fed the ducks! I don’t know why but for some reason when you’re feeding the ducks you can’t help but just be selfish and steal a bit of bread for yourself. Perhaps it’s just me…greedy 🐷 

After the ducks were fed we carried on walking! This time with both small humans running around after each other and laughing their heads off! Elsie is so cute she helps Hazel walk and shows her where things in the park are. It’s so nice to get them together for a play date! I nearly died laughing as we walked past a Pug and Elsiemae pointed it is saying ‘Oink oink’ she thought it was a pig! πŸ˜‚ 

I had some great conversation with Stefans dad and struggled to push the pushchair as Hazel also wanted to push it at the same time! She hasn’t quite got her steering skills down! 

The walk was great and the sun was shining! It was just generally a really great couple of hours out. Until we all realised both babies had filled their nappies and none of us had remembered to bring any spare ones with us! β˜€οΈ 

Back home, poopy small human changed and put down for a nap…and relax! Or recover. Which ever way it may be perceived! 

I had about an hour lie down on the sofa before Hazel woke up and the crazy play time resumed! I thought she would have slept longer seeing as she walked around the whole lake and refused to go in her pushchair for more than 5 minutes! We got her pop up tent out which she loves and I went off to have a bath whilst man child continued the entertainment! πŸ›€ 

After I almost melted in there man child gave small human a bath whilst I cooked dinner. Chilli con Carni with Jacket potatoes πŸ₯” 

We’re now playing resident evil and here’s to an early night πŸ›Œ

See you tomorrow 😘

Holly x 


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