Physio session #3 and family time! 

I’m a little tipsy. Which is surprising as I’ve only drank 2 small Amerettos! But hey ho! 

Today Hazel slept for another 3 hours! It literally makes my days off to boring! Talking about days off I was meant to be having an eye appointment tomorrow to check out this random mark on the back of my eye but it was cancelled and moved to Tuesday so now I have a whole weekend off and nothing to do! I’m frustrated with this mark and I just want to find out what it is! It’s invading my body and I want it gone. Here’s hoping it’s just a freckle because the other side to it will be much much worse. But that is something I have to wait and SEE on Tuesday…mind the pun. 

So I had physio this morning which was a great relief and resolved my headache immediately! I seriously hope it continues. 

I’ve been to my mums this afternoon and evening and Hazel was so cute and affectionate giving my mum cuddles and blowing kisses! We even Skyped my nan which was hilarious because it took us about 20 minutes of us to explain to her how to use it and most of the time all we could see was the top of her head! 

We’re home now and little ones in bed! Me and Man child are having a couple of drinks and going through our Facebook friends with a small description of who they are! Don’t worry we aren’t being cruel but it has been pretty funny! 

I’ll see you tomorrow 😘



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