Headaches, beauty treatments and makeup! 

I have a headache. Booooo. That’s 2 days now of pain in my head and face! I almost forgot what it felt like to have this pain! Thank god I have physio tomorrow because I seriously need it! I don’t know how I can be so excited to have someone manipulate my body in ways that feel totally unnatural but I am! I’m the same when I have sports massage. I’m like HURT ME DAMMIT because I know it will help! 

This morning was fairly chilled out playing with my demanding child! She spends a lot of time napping at the moment so it means I have lots of spare time! So on with the make up as per usual. 

This is what my floor always looks like after I’ve done my hair and make up and I’m sure it drives man child nuts! But at least I always tidy it all away! 

Went off to work nice and early for a business meeting and lots of exciting things are in progress! The salon is in the process of a face lift and it’s been great redesigning certain areas! 

I’ve done so many treatments today (as always) but by far my favourite were these gorgeous eyelash extensions! 

I love the attention to detail and concentration it takes to complete these! It’s such a relaxing and satisfying treatment! 

I drove to my brother and sister inlaws to pick up my little one and she went straight to sleep as she got in the car! I’m home now and have been abandoned by manchild to play games so I’m sat here watching Americas next top model with a couple (or half a pack) of digestive biscuits and a cuppa! 

See you tomorrow 😘



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