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Walking in the Rain and works new treatment! 

Hazel napped for 3 hours this afternoon! And I was so bored. All the housework had been done and there was sweet bugger all on tv to watch! I was hoping to get down to swimming at Towcester today but by the time she woke up we had missed it! So instead we took a walk to the shop and park! 

Every time I take her to the park there’s nobody ever in it! So it feels like we are VIPs in a small children’s area. It’s the small victories in life that count! 

Welly boots on and in great preparation as it began to rain! Luckily we had our rain coats on and I must have looked like a man woman running down the road to escape the weather! 

One thing that did make me laugh was Hazel trying to feed stones to the plants. Holding her arm out and saying ‘yum yum’ totally unaware that a daffodil cannot eat a rock. 

I posted a couple of days ago about a new treatment entering the salon and it is finally here!

Brand new sparkling ‘Mii cosmetics’. I am SO excited to start using this product on my clients. I spend lots of time playing with my own make up it will be great to put my skills to the test on others! 

I cooked a very basic sausage and veg meal this evening. Healthy and quick! Which is just what I like when it comes to food. Okay maybe not the healthy bit so much but I’m trying! 

Slathered in Gravy of course! 

Man child’s just arrived home from work and Baby is fast asleep in bed so now it’s time to watch Nurse Jackie! We’ve only just started watching it and so far so good! That’s all I have today! 



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