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Look of the day 

Today I’ve spent most of my morning doing my hair and make up ready for work whilst Hazel was having a nap! Because what could be more productive than that? I’m sure there’s 100s of other things I could be focusing my time on but nothing near as fun! 

I’ve gone for a fairly strong look with full face coverage, dark lips and bold eye liner. Although this is my usual day to day make up because I am a creature of habit! If I was a hermit crab I would not change my shell. I would stay in the same damn shell my whole life even if I got to big for it! 

I popped to my brother and sister in laws early today to drop Hazel off so I could go to work and stayed for a lovely cuppa and a catch up! 

These 2 are so funny together. They spent the whole time stealing each others lunch! They may as well share a plate! It’s been wonderful watching them grow together over the past year and a half! 

Back home and dinner cooked! Sweet and sour Quorn chicken was on the menu today and it was delicious! Me and man child are trying to decide on what to do this evening but it will more than likely end in watching a movie! 



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