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Greetings from the bathtub

Greetings from the bath tub.

I’m actually struggling to find anything interesting to write in my blog today. Which is strange for me because in my day to day life my mouth seems to have no filter and I just talk constantly… 

All I’ve done today is clean and look after a tiny human who likes to fling themselves on the floor in anger for no apparent reason. I’m not joking. She passed me my purse this morning and I said ‘Ta’ to which she flung herself onto the floor and burst out crying! I mean I could understand if I had taken my purse away from her but she literally gave it to me! 😂

It’s a damn good job she’s cute! 

So anyway after I put her for a nap I continued to clean. I’m sure having a small person to look after means there’s an endless supply of washing and sorting crap out! Not that I would have it any other way! 

Once she got up we had a little play in the garden. She found a new worm friend but wasn’t very happy when I told her she couldn’t pick it up and eat it! She just kept pointing at the worm saying ‘yum yum’. I assure you Hazel a worm is definitely not yum yum…

Usual dinner time and bath time ensued and I’m taking a soak in the bath myself after dinner patiently awaiting The Walking Dead to come on! See you tomorrow! 😘



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