A day out at Woburn Safari Park! 

Today we’ve been to Woburn safari park. I witnessed a monkey pull a windscreen wiper off a car, a lion doing a poo and a lemurs naughty bits. A successful trip I think…what more could you want? 

But on a serious note it has been a really brilliant day out! I was there with my mum, sisters, manchild, Hazel and my sisters boyfriend! 

I made a new bird friend. Saw lots of beautiful animals and thoroughly enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles with little one! 

We’ve come home to relax for the evening before a week of work and play. Stefan made me a delicious dinner. Quorn chilli con carni with a salad! 

Don’t forget the mayo! NEVER Forget the mayo. 

We’re getting cosy under a duvet to watch a movie. That will probably take us an hour to decide what to go for! And thus ending my blog! Keeping it nice and short! 



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