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Work work work. 

The majority of my day has been spent at work. Which isn’t a bad thing! I think I’m one of the few people that actually goes to work to get away from hectic life at home. I’m sure it’s meant to be the other way around. Anyway I got to do my most favourite treatment today! Eyelash extensions. I do a fair few of them already to be fair but it’s a treatment I find so satisfying. Especially as the before and after is always quite drastic. But how can someone find sticking 100s of teeny tiny synthetic hairs onto someone’s eyelashes one by one be relaxing? Trust me. It is. 

I got home and Man child went to do the usual food shop without me for once! It meant I could get on with re arranging Hazels bedroom. She decided she wanted to sit in a box and take every book off her shelf and put it in the box with her! Though just as I decided to get a picture she got out! I’m glad I got round to sorting all her clothes and toys out as it was beginning to look like a bloody toy shop in my house! 

She wasn’t very helpful when it came to helping me but it was nice to just sit and watch her playing with her toys! 

She’s in bed now and I’ve just finished up a 4 way video call with my mum and sisters. We don’t actually talk about much we just spend most of the time pulling stupid faces! 

That’s my mum in the top right hand corner. Her face doesn’t usually look like that! She looks like a bloody skull! How does someone’s face even get that long? It just doesn’t make sense to me  😂 I’ve added a photo below just to show she can look like a normal human being. 

Myself and Man child have been playing The Binding of Issac for a little while now. We always fight on whose go it is. I’m certain it should only ever be my go! He’s off to bed soon because he’s got to get up early for overtime tomorrow. So I will take this opportunity to catch up on some shit TV.


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