Physio sessions #3 and some exciting news. 

Something VERY VERY VERY exciting landed at the salon today. Although I am not revealing all just yet as I want to get this new treatment completely set up before I spill the beans. But all I can say is when a large box filled with goodies arrived at the salon today I did a little excited jiggle over to it! Opening my new toys I noticed something was missing! So now like a child on Christmas Eve I am patiently awaiting a 2nd delivery! 

I tested out all my new Elizabeth Arden makeup this morning and I’m obsessed with this lip colour. It lasts for AGES before having to top it up. (Excuse the red eye. But once again I am having difficulty with them being super sensitive to everything!) 

This morning i’ve been to physio again for my neck. 

As I eagerly awaited my appointment I couldnt help but eaves drop on a conversation 2 ladies were having down the hall. One lady shouted ‘OI J DO YA NEED A WEE BEFORE WE GO’ to which the other lady replied ‘OH YEAH I DONT WANNA HAVE AN ACCIDENT IN YA NEW CAAAAAR’ I tried my hardest to hold on in a huge laugh just as the physiotherapist came out to get me resulting in me having to explain the funny encounter I had just heard! 

Some neck manipulation and a pressure point massage ensued and I’ve now been taped up with some ‘rock tape’ to help stretch my neck back into place. I don’t know how I feel about having to wear this on my back for the next 5 days as it’s quite difficult to cover up. Good job it’s not summer. That said I haven’t had a headache since I’ve been going so she obviously knows what she’s doing! 

Work went well. I spent the first couple of hours practacing some gel nail extensions which we will be bringing into the salon very soon! 

I’ve also ordered a ton of new goodies for the salon. Plenty of exciting things coming our way this year. All sorts of new treatments and products. I can’t wait to share them all with you! 

I’m back home now after a successful day at work. I’ve repainted my own nail extensions just to make them look nicer before an infill next week! 

I’m looking forward to a spending spree at Bicester village tomorrow with my Stefano and Hazel! That’s all I have for today other than I’m about to sit down and have a civilised game of monopoly. Unless stefan wins. Then it may end in an uncivilised game! 



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