My 25th Birthday! 

What a day! It’s been absoloutley lovely! I had a nice lie in this morning. Though a lie in only till half 9 as I was far to excited for my birthday to sleep any longer! 

I woke up to man child cooking me bacon and a lovely clean house! Then I opened my presents that I was so impressed with! I didn’t even give stefan any tips and he got me some pandora earings to match my ring and necklace. 

He also got me a spa day for 2 which I can’t wait to use with him! Along with a massive box of Elizabeth Arden make up that I’m sporting in the picture below. 

Hazel got me an iTunes voucher. Although I’m sure stefan helped her choose it as he knows how badly I wanted The Binding of Issac on my phone. Even though I already have it on PS4 and DS…Nerd 🤓

We met my sisters for lunch at the Navigation for a dirty burger! My youngest sister got me some of my favourite perfume and my very own personal white chocolate cake! Mmmm. 

One of the best things about my birthday is having a twin! So I get to share the excitement with someone else! 

After lunch we took a trip to Northampton to do a spot of shopping with the money my mum gave us! She really does spoil us so much! I purchased mainly clothes and make up because being a woman you can never have to much of either! 

This evening we’ve been to my dads for some pizza and cakes. I was even treated to a glass of bubbly that went straight to my head! We’ve had even more money off of them so I believe me and stefan will be taking a trip to Bicester village where I can purchase my yearly Ted Baker bag! Though I usually get them from John Lewis it will be nice to see what stock they have in there too! 

I received lots of other lovely gifts! Far to many to list and I’ve also already boasted too much in this post to write them all out! 

It’s been a wonderful day all round and I’m just about ready for bed! 



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