New CND colours! 

Nothing much to report on this mornings antics other than Hazel announcing she had done a ‘poo poo’ and demanding that I change her right away. 

Nothing like a spot of reading while you have your nappy changed. 

Yesterday I ordered a new CND lamp and tons of new colours! I wasn’t expecting them to arrive so soon but I was pleased to see they were already at work when I arrived! 

Aren’t the colours beautiful! I don’t even know where to start with trying them out! 

It’s pancake day today. Although I’m sure you already know that. Especially seeing as my Facebook and instagram feed are just full of photos of pancakes. But in true Holly style we skipped out on dinner tonight and had pancakes instead. I’m usually quite good at making them but my pan didn’t cooperate this time around and I ended up with one burnt one and one slushy one! 

It’s my 25th birthday tomorrow so stefan and I are have a drink and scaring ourselves senseless playing resident evil! 



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